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Label: Region Code: Free / NTSC
Country: Not sure yet.  DVD (silver). DIGI-PACK cover.
Released: Not sure. Might bee summer 2008. That when I found it.
Filmed: Brixton Academy, London England  June 15th. 1993.  BACK TO THE LIGHT tour 1993
Quality: PRO-film. 
Comments:  DVD of the officially released VHS video. Not released officially on DVD yet. Not a bad bootleg, or rather a 'pirate' DVD. Also officially released on CD & 2LP vinyl album. Edited for those formats. 'Spikes' keyboard tunes has been removed for CD & vinyl albums, to get time to fit onto one CD.
Another silver boot dvd is also on the marked, and you might find DVD-R also.
Roots: This is a copy of the officially DVD, whit same name. Front cover is copied from the VHS video.
Tour From the "Back To The Light 1993" tour. Most of the date as support for Guns 'n Roses.

Front cover

Intro: The Dark  (not listed)
Back To The Light
Tie Your Mother Down
Love Token
Love Of My Life
`39  (vocal intro only) ~
Let Your Heart Rules Your Head
Too Much Love Will Kill You
Since You've Been Gone
Now I'm Here
Guitar Extravaganza
Last Horizon
1812 Overture ~
We Will Rock You
Hammer To Fall

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Back cover