EARLS COURT 1977 2nd Night 
Unreleased footages

Label: Non label Region Code: Free / NTSC
Country: Jape
Released: November 2018
Filmed: Earls Court 1977
Quality: Pro-film. I'm not sure how good the quality is.
Comments:  I don't know much of this release. I can't confirm it comes from the 2nd night. But might be true. There are much bootleg video & dvd out of this show on the marked.
It was first shown on a Officially Queen Fan Club Convention in Southport, UK in 1988. Later on, better version has been shown on these convention. Much bootleg DVD has been released of the best sources, which I've been told is from the first date.
The encore on these bootleg DVD's seams to come from the 2nd day.
Anyway, I can't speculate around this. Maybe someone can tell correct info??
Roots: Not quite sure, but this 2 Earls Court shows was both filmed, so this is more a 'raw' part of the last show.
Time:  13:42

Front cover

 1. Tie Your Mother Down
 2. Ogre Battle
 3. The Prophet’s Song
 4. In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited
 5. Lucille

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Review by Collectors music reviews

Movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” release commemoration! This week’s gift that QUEEN fever has also involved in the general population is emerging as a new excavation master of multi camera and pro shot.
Such a work is contained in “Earls Court performance on June 7, 1977”. It is the concert which became the thousand akaku of “A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR 1977”. Speaking of “Earls Court in 1977”, a large, classic full pro shot representing “A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR” is familiar, but this work is totally different. Earls Court is a two-day continuous performance, the classic full pro shot is the first day “June 6”. In contrast, this work is the last day “June 7”.
However, this second day is not a complete first appearance. Two songs “Killer Queen” were adopted in the official live compilation work “RARE LIVE”, and again in “Official video work” THE MAGIC YEARS VOLUME TWO “,” Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy “in Brian May ‘s interview scene You Take My Breath Away “” White Man “” The Prophet’s Song “” Jailhouse Rock “video was used as a shred. This work is outtakes that were not used in their official footage. It is a multi-camera pro shot of 5 songs “Tie Your Mother Down” “Ogre Battle” “The Prophet’s Song” “In The Lap Of The Gods … Revisited” “Lucille”.
Even with these five songs, the soundboard sound has become standardized, and the existence of the pro shot image of about 11 minutes was also known. This work updates that highest and longest to its latest. The best master so far is the best professional shot master released at the fans and conventions held in the UK about five years ago, but it is also 11 minutes. In contrast, this work extends to 14 minutes.
That quality is overwhelming. Complete official quality, camera work and mix are perfect. Whether it is awakened from the Omoto master, there are no dubbing traces and no distortion of the tape, and even one white line is missing. Even if it is made into sound, a glossy super-superb sound board that does not even have very little chicchilli noise is poured into my ear. Of course, because it is about 14 minutes, although not all songs are perfect, the delicious scenes of each song are enriched and you can get the closest approach to Freddie of “A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR” that shines with multiple cameras.

Queen beyond the time of 41 years from this show and resurrected by the silver screen. It is a testimony of how they left great music and the appearance of Freddie is engraved in the hearts of people. This work is a valuable picture that can be confirmed with super fine quality in 1977 when such four people were shining. Although it is only 14 minutes, its glare is real. To the appetizer before going to the cinema, for a moment to bit a lingering finish. And, of course, to the highest peak pro shot collection. Please, please enjoy this ultra super master masterful work.