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Label: V-JAM Region Code: Free / NTSC
Country: .Japan
Released: January 2009
Filmed: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  January 1985.
Quality: Pro-shot, television broadcast reports etc.
Comments:  Looks like shot shown on television in Brazil. Don't know so much right now. Haven't the dusc.
Roots: From television.
Time:  120 minutes.

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01. Introduction
02. Tear It Up
03. Under Pressure
04. Somebody To Love
05. Killer Queen
06. Dragon Attack
07. Now I'm Here
08. Is This The World We Created?
09. Love Of My Life
10. Another One Bites The Dust
11. Mustapha Intro
12. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
13. I Want To Break Free
14. Jailhouse Rock
Live At Rock In Rio Brazil January 12th 1985 (Might be on 11th.)

15. Tear It Up
16. Tie Your Mother Down
17. Under Pressure
18. Somebody To Love
19. Killer Queen
20. Seven Seas Of Rhye
21. Keep Yourself Alive
22. Liar
23. Vocal Improvisation
24. It's A Hard Life
25. Dragon Attack
26. Now I'm Here
27. Love Of My Life
28. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Live At Rock In Rio Brazil January 19th 1985


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