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Label: Apocalypse Sound Region Code: Free / NTSC
Country: European bootleg DVD (silver). DIGI-PACK cover.
Released: May 2008
Filmed: Pavillion de Paris, Paris, France - February 28th & March 1st, 1979   One camera pro-film.
Bodokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan - April 25th, 1979  Pro-filmed
Quality: Very good & excellent picture and sound. 
Comments:  This DVD is from Queen's JAZZ tour. 
The Paris concert comes from Queen's own archive. I remember we saw this Paris show on QTV, some times at UK fan club conventions. But, it was more a 'raw' video made in a hurry for the convention. Film from ONE camera only, has been used to make this convention concert film.
I have heard that all 3 show in Paris on this tour was filmed, and un-confirmed stories tells that all the camera angles was chanced on each show, and the band was dressed identically on all 3 nights, and they moved around more in the 'same positions' true each songs, just to make it possible to use all the films to make it as one concert. I guess you understand what I mean. 
But, I can't confirm this was done. Just stories I have picked up true other Queen collectors. 

Tokyo concert is a pro-film, filmed by a Japanese television company. Broadcasted a few times on television. (I actually don't know much info about this). Fake info on cover/menu about live at 'Seibu Stadium', Tokyo. Correct place is Bodokan Hall in Tokyo. 'Seibu Stadium' was in 1982, which also was filmed. 
I can't confirm the hole concert was filmed.
This might be the only tracks Queen prod. aloud/sold to this Japanese television company. 
This is a nice DIGI-PACK DVD, which probably so far has the best quality available of this live films.
Roots: Convention video (QTV) (Paris), and television broadcast (Japan).

Front cover

 Pavillion de Paris 1979
 We Will Rock You (fast)
 Let Me Entertain You
 Somebody To Love
 Fat Bottomed Girls
 You’re My Best Friend
 Now I’m Here
 Don’t Stop Me Now
 If You Can’t Beat Them
 Spread Your Wings
 Dreamers Ball
 Bohemian Rhapsody
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Sheer Heart Attack 
 Bodokan Hall, Tokyo 1979:
We Will Rock You (fast)
 Let Me Entertain You
 Killer Queen
 Bicycle Race
 I’m In Love With My Car
 Teo Torriatte
 Keep Yourself Alive
 Don’t Stop Me Now
 Bohemian Rhapsody (cut)
 We Will Rock You
 We Are The Champions

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Review by Collectors music reviews
We’ll Give You Crazy Performances
on Apocalypse Sound collects two excellent quality video documents from Queen’s Jazz tour.  And even though they are separated by less than two months, views one after the other they present a stunning contrast.  The first half of the DVD is devoted to the final shows on the European tour in Paris.  This footage was released previously on DVDr on Rhapsody In Paris (Videosmash VS-010R), but AS use a new source that surfaced several months ago.  This comes from either a first or second generation copy of the master VHS and is the best this footage has ever been.  There is minor deterioration during the opening verse of “Now I’m Here” and there is a little cut in the guitar solo in “If You Can’t Beat Them.”   

All three Paris concerts were videotaped by QTV and edited together with some footage being used for a documentary.  AS list this as being from March 1st.  Many of the tracks are but ”Somebody To Love,” “If You Can’t Beat Them” (with the “Mustapha” introduction coming from the March 1st show), “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Tie Your Mother Down,” and “Sheer Heart Attack” come from the February 28th show.  It is strange that, for a professionally videotaped concert, only one camera was used and sometimes the one manning the camera didn’t know how to tape them.  During “Now I’m Here” the camera follows Freddie around the stage during May’s guitar solo and during ”Don’t Stop Me Now” the camera is trained on May through the verses, only capturing Freddie while singing the middle part and end. 

The performances are fantastic with the fast “We Will Rock You” and “Let Me Entertain You” being among the strongest openings for a Queen concert.  “If You Can’t Beat Them” with the short “Mustapha” introduction sounds much more exciting live than in the studio and turns out to be an underrated number.  “Don’t Stop Me Now” is dedicated to the road crew who have been so good during the tour “but don’t let it get to your heads, girls.”  The final song on the tape is “Sheer Heart Attack” taken at what seems double time.  May busts a string early in the song but doesn’t let that stop him, playing guitar lines that are unique to this show. 

The second half of the DVD contains a thirty-two minute television broadcast from the April 25th concert.  Fifteen minutes of this footage was broadcast in Japanese television in the ’80’s but in 2002 almost double the amount was broadcast on television.  This first surfaced on silver DVD in the Pride And Joy(Wardour-047) set that also has audience recordings for the April 14th and 23rd Tokyo shows.  The video quality is extremely good and the sound quality is excellent and it is great to have such rare footage commercially available.  The songs are mostly edited in one way or another but what is present is great.  The most spectacular visual is seeing Freddie sitting on the shoulders of Superman dressed in a campy red-rhinestone studded short suit! 

It is unfortunate that by this point in the tour Freddie’s voice was almost completely shot and every song suffers as a result.  The rest of the band play great though, and both of these documents convey the dark nihilism that is Queen’s Jazz tour.  Apocalypse  Sound did a good job in pairing these two shows together into one package since footage from this era is hard to come by.  This is presented in the NTSC format region zero to be compatible with all DVD players.  The packaging is a cardboard DVD digipack with many photos from the Killers era and a photo from the “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” video shoot (Deacon wearing the Bike It T-shirt!)  This is worth having for all Queen collectors.