2 CD

Label: Wardour 124
Country: Japan
Released: July 2014 (16th)
Recorded: Rexhall Place, Edmonton, AB, Canada  June 24th. 2014
Sound: Excellent audience recording
Comments:  The first silver pressed cd release of this North American 2014 tour, with Adam Lambert on vocal.
Audience private filmed DVDR from the show, has also found the way to the pro-bootleg marked.
Roots: From a audience recording.
Time: 67:07 / 64:24

Front cover

 Disc 1
 01 Procession 
 02 Now I’m Here
 03 Stone Cold Crazy
 04 Another One Bites The Dust
 05 Fat Bottomed Girls
 06 In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
 07 Seven Seas Of Rhye
 08 Killer Queen
 09 Somebody To Love
 10 I Want It All
 11 Love Of My Life  (Brian vocal)
 12 Band Introductions 
 13 ’39  (Brian vocal)
 14 These Are The Days Of Our Lives  (Roger vocal)
 15 Bass Solo
 16 Drum Duel
 17 Under Pressure
 Disc 2
 01 Love Kills
 02 Who Wants To Live Forever
 03 Guitar Solo
 04 Last Horizon
 05 Tie Your Mother Down
 06 Radio Ga Ga
 07 Don’t Stop Me Now
 08 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 09 The Show Must Go On
 10 Bohemian Rhapsody
 11 We Will Rock You
 12 We Are The Champions
 13 God Save The Queen

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Back cover

Live performance of the best part, which is said from overseas North American tour of Queen + Adam Lambert hot topic. The deployment of a large-scale tour of more than 20 performances today, live at Summer Sonic in August appeared in the press long-awaited CD is the latest ultra-high-quality sound of their really looking forward to! ! This board is a two-CD set of must for fans that had been completely recorded in ultra-high quality audience recording of the highest level, Alberto Edmonton performance hit the first four performance tours, Canada of June 24. It is a recording that captures a realistic mood full of excitement, but because very close to, the tone is captured in direct anyway, Gotae Kiki is a perfect score. In thick without saying clear and the sound, of course, mania annoying sound is the level to be able to enjoy without problems also a fan of beginner. It makes me reassure fans play a powerful does not feel Brian, Roger in company, the decline, but when all is said and done is amazing young charisma, vocal of the best part of Adam Lambert. Freddie even a will are overwhelmed with too late to ability as vocalist Adam sings perfectly the Queen Classic, which has been difficulty in live. In addition to Freddie Similarly, stage performance that was full of showmanship a word of amazing really. It is not to say that beyond the original, but the assent of forced some fans from the old days the show has been completed fiercely goes beyond mere cover it I think.

Dramatic opening of Procession ~ Now I’m Here is reminiscent of the rainbow live in November of the official release was decided in September of this year of “Live at the Rainbow ’74″, the band at a stretch Stone Cold Crazy early I will grab the hearts of the audience. After Roh was the hand to hear from Fat Bottomed Girls and Another One Bites The Dust filled with powerful groove, In The Lap Of The Gods … Revisited that was not played at the tour two years ago. I think in a not so in the world singer to manage to sing perfectly so far masterpieces to symbolize the initial Queen. Following the Seven Seas Of Rhye early, and Killer Queen that was not played at the tour two years ago surprisingly well. Adam sing gracefully while Nesoberi on the sofa has been featured here, rendition Karikachuaru that these are discouraged for anything charisma because of Adam. Somebody To Love the ending funky piano intro from the original to be played in the new arrangement. I Want It All the arrangements gorgeous and dramatic glow in the speedy. In the second half of Love Of My Life by Brian song, voice and video of Freddie shed, venue will be wrapped in a spectacular impression. Here is the concert peak of most first half also. Because I a concert of Queen, leading role I’s a Freddie still. ’39, These Are The Days Of Our Lives heartwarming featuring the vocals of Roger will play following the member introduction. Riff Don’t Try Suicide, Body Language, and Staying Power of “HOT SPACE” number jumps out one after another, delight the fans at the base of Neil solo. After parent-child drum battle of Roger, I will sing the Under Pressure Adam appeared again. At the beginning of the disk 2 is the centerpiece of one of this tour, solo single Love Kills the first Freddie wrote for the movie “Metropolis” has been recorded. It is this song that has not Freddie also sing live, but we have the best match with the voice of Adam, there is no doubt that everybody would listened at the thought of touching the singing delicate and dramatic his. At the discretion of the field Adam, Who Wants To Live Forever and this you can enjoy the dramatic performance reminiscent and no one is out to his right Once you’ve sung the songs these. Following the guitar solo of Brian, to the climax of the show after the second half. Appropriate music is showing off one after another to be played in this position, it makes me greatly impressed their hands to listen. Arrange to be playing Crazy Little Thing Called Love guitar solo part of Don’t Stop Me Now is a “?” But, The Show Must Go On songs of Adam which is good at singing a theatrical and dramatic matches, more Bohemian Rhapsody you can listen to Adam duet of video and Freddie is far from listening to the second half. Last (Adam No. 1, No. 2 Freddie, hard part: Adam, ending the distribution of two) of the best part of more than 2 hours and 10 minutes to God Save The Queen outro We Will Rock You classic, and We Are The Champions, I record a perfect live.

Video of each performance will be seen easily even You Tube, etc., but of high quality audience recording take these for fans who want to enjoy a concert firmly with good sound still is a thing welcome. Noise that has been seen here and there in Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and the like Tie Your Mother Down that was in the original sound, applause to be worried about-removed carefully all. To give depth to the sound at moderate equalize clear sound which worked of the high-range digital recording specific, and I finished it in the best version that is easy to hear. It is one piece perfect for a fan that is considered to be a piece of good sound from the latest tour, and will be a title is not any better than this as a preparation of the Summer Sonic in August. From Wardour label continue to release many of the name of Queen live album, latest live sound source is determined by the limited release press CD.