2 CD

Label: Wardour 126
Country: Japan
Released: September 2014
Recorded: Live at the Maishima Summer Sonic Osaka Site, Osaka, Japan  16th. August 2014.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  Looks like a nice 2cd (silver pressed) bootleg. As far as I know a complete show.
Roots: From a audience recording.
Time: 42:43 / 44:30

Front cover

 Intro: Procession  (tape)
 Now I'm Here
 Stone Cold Crazy
 Another One Bites The Dust
 Fat Bottomed Girls
 Seven Seas Of Rhye
 Killer Queen
 Somebody To Love
 Teo Torriatte  (Brian on vocal)
 Love Of My Life  (Brian on vocal)

 These Are The Days Of Our Lives  (Roger on vocal)
 Under Pressure
 Who Wants To Live Forever
 Radio Ga Ga
 I Was Born To Love You
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 Bohemian Rhapsody
 We Will Rock You
 We Are The Champions
 God Save The Queen......

   Some copies included this separate BONUS dvdr.
 Time 81:38 NTSC
 Live Osaka, Japan  16th. August 2014. Same as cd.
 Bonus Track
 QVC Marine Field, Chiba, Japan 17th August 2014
 - Teo Torriatte

 I have found info on the new, that this dvdr is a pro-shot film,
 but I can't confirm this. Might just be the bonus..??
 I have no info about this Osaka show was pro-filmed.

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Back cover

Review from the info page on the net.

Complete recording of an ultra-high-quality audience recording of the best level performance in Osaka 29 years of the Queen stood on the stage as the headliner on the 16th Summer Sonic Osaka August 2014. Recording what’s familiar with “West strongest taper” Mr. already. “I saw a lot of artists that I saw a few years here. Was one of the live most emotional personally” and words has been sent from the taper Mr. but, overwhelmingly in support of it just here is the document of the sound. Sound image is always stable than from the vicinity of the PA desk area, rather than diffusion of the sound that is often in the open air live, from beginning to end, recording has been recorded the whole picture of the concert in the direct sound. However, due to bad weather, a repetition of raining on and off over the live full-length, it was a ridiculous situation in heavy rain in Fat Bottomed Girls ~ Somebody To Love around in the first half, especially on this day. However, you may want to say “Mr. taper, indeed” it has not yet come out to notes. Musical sound is also great, but it boils down to a cavalcade of masterpieces, vivid reactions of the audience of to enhance the value of this board is also fact. And does not say it does not there is also a part that has picked up the climax of the audience around, but that hard to hear the musical tone is because it does not lose to it and, as immersive if grasped as part of the elements of the live impressive of the day would. (Meaning that there is also a voice of a woman named “Mecha brackets E” in the Killer Queen and men shouting “Boke~e! Out of my face umbrella” of Fat Bottomed Girls After the show, will tell very realistic atmosphere of Kansai venue unique.)

On this day, from Old fan to know the playing days of Queen, age and gender, nationality, such as representing the breadth of the base of Queen often seen to overseas fans and fan, young would have been born to death after Freddie it was the most in the large number of people on the day of course many fans it exceeded gather. Such thinking is really great live much disappears also speck who had negative thoughts that saying that I Nante queen with no Freddie Toka …, vocals Nante I restarted too late even if you see live this live. It was a live one and a half hours, etc. Solo of their songs and have been cut significantly as compared to live it up to two and a half hours of overseas, but it was as a result to live overflowing sense of speed in tight with a solid as a result. Full stage set almost in no way inferior had brought even compared with overseas festivals, even shortened set list, circular screen in the shape of the Q characteristic which is used in this tour also brought parable. And all songs drawn out If nothing else, and all masterpieces, is the highlight.

Lesbian couples in those irresistible flow in the Old fans how the beginning of the Procession ~ Now I’m Here exactly the same as the first Japan tour of 1975. It was directed dramatic curtain covering the stage Now I’m Here that rises above a stretch if originally, but there was a happening curtain that falls before the concert at the clumsiness of the curtain before. But I can say dramatic of the opening and did not change in any way even if there is no curtain. Was followed by Now I’m Here is classic Stone Cold Crazy hard rock era of the early! Stunning chorus work in powerful performances lively. Songs that have not been played in Japan with Paul Rodgers of last Seven Seas Of Rhye and Stone Cold Crazy, this also including, for me focused on songs of hard rock era especially early in Old fans it was nice place. Music selection for his conscious Japan, Teo Torriatte, I Was Born To Love You thanks to Surprise. Of course, these two songs are not played in Australia tour of Japan after the concert tour of North America first. The I Was Born To Love You high visibility, there is also a feeling that has become a new representative of the Queen song now under the influence of the TV drama, (tour premiere this day Teo Torriatte is) received large around the young fan. Who Wants To Live Forever and Somebody To Love song selection of Osaka not only unveiled in Tokyo the next day. Classic Somebody To Love to hear in the vast outdoor venue is a special, you can produce a large peak in the first half of the concert. Rendition of the mirror ball and leather rays tones and blue in the Who Wants To Live Forever had to something more impressive this song epic effective. Rendition of the emergence of Freddie in the Love Of My Life By touching things, there were also fans lacrimal gland is collapsed. Rendition of the same even Bohemian Rhapsody, it was the highlight of the best day, including the sense of scale of this masterpiece. Video flows through the screen at These Are The Days Of Our Lives Roger sings those also containing and off-shot footage and how the arrival of the first visit to Japan at the time of 1975, it was also used in overseas performances, but this Japan at it can be said with a more special meaning in that it flows. Upsurge of the field to the end be fierce from Radio Ga Ga around, continuous peak exactly. Two songs We Will Rock You in the encore, We Are The Champions is representative of the Queen song not finished Nonetheless promise, not to this song again. The two songs that everyone knows makes me feel the excitement of the best on this day!

I felt it looks that Na was dandruff in both Brian, Roger, but from beginning to end, but let me hear the play tight and not feel decline in play. Tone unique to be played that guitar from Brian’s like echoing a word of masterpiece on a large outdoor venue alive and well. We have the impression it was to hear again the sound of the guitar a warm same that they were heard in the masterpiece, masterpieces of many of the Queen it was glad to that was great. And noteworthy thing of visit to Japan this time splendor of Adam Lambert to say what! I will arrive at it. I can say that it has gone live impressive precisely because was Adam. I think people who recite the judges to participate in Adam often because Freddie was too great even with or fact, but the Standing behavior that dignified for activities with Queen also over two years already. Singing ability is high is of course, a strong singing you have full use of falsetto unique nice bar none, those who recite the judges to participate in Adam, like go Nejifuse powerful singing its own opinion negative like it was just spectacular. And beyond the gender of Adam unique and exaggerated action of Freddie inheritance to wear (I think or not than no one recite the judges after seeing live singing of Adam.. Think it travels alone sound) just singing I can say a bewitching performance as it had to enhance the drama of the music of Queen. (Theatrical rendition that seen in such as Killer Queen was a sight to see. See DVDR of bonus together around here.)

So much, I think is no so much of that live album you to impress your hand listen. Together with the DVDR of bonus, enjoy plenty, high quality document title of realistic scale the atmosphere of the day.