QUEEN + Paul Rodgers


After Brian & Roger's live appearance with Paul Rodgers on vocal at UK Hall Of Fame in November 2004, where 'We Will rock You', 'We Are The Champions' & 'All Right Now' was performed, they decide to start a collaboration and see what's happens. This was not really a part 2 for the band Queen. It's more a collaboration with great musicians, which thistime inc. two former Queen members, and the frontman of Free, Bad Company & The Firm, as well his own carrier.
They toured Europe & Japan in 2005, following a USA & Canada tour in 2006.
From this tour, they released 2 live DVD's,. 'Return Of The Champions' DVD & 2cd/ 3LP, & 'Super Live In Japan' DVD released in Japan only.
In September 2008 they released their studio album 'Cosmos Rocks', which following a tour in Europe & South America. 
On September 12th. they played a free charity gig in Ukraine, which was filmed & broadcasted live at Ukraine television.
This show was released world-wide on DVD+2cd in June 2009. Live In Ukraine. (4 tracks has been edited out).

After the tour in 2008, they decide to take a break in the collaboration. They all feel they has take this as far as they can. There is no dramatic in this. As I have written in the beginning, all this was more a 'see what happens...' thing, and not a start of a new QUEEN or a new band itself.
The guys might appear on charity gigs etc. in the future, but don't count with more tours or studio work.
You can find more about this on Brian May's home page.

Beside the officially released live albums, they also offered professionally recorded live tracks for sale as downloads. Non of these tracks was released on officially albums. You can buy downloads here.

Paul Rodgers: Lead vocal, some guitar + piano on 'Bad Company'

Brian May: Lead guitar, backing vocals & lead of some Queen tracks.

Roger Taylor: Drums, backing vocal & lead on some Queen tracks.

On tour musicians

Spike Edney: Keyboard & backing vocals. Well known as Queen's tour keyboard player on 84-86 tours. The 'Boss' of the SAS band. Played with Roger in THE CROSS, & with Brian on solo tours.

Jamie Moses: Guitar & backing vocals. Guitarist in Brian May band on tour in 93 & 98. Members of SAS band.

Danny Miranda: Bass & backing vocals. Bass player of the musical 'We Will Rock You' in USA. Played with many bands inc. Blue Oyster Cult for some years.

You can order many officially QUEEN records on Queen's own store homepage.

A lot of live bootlegs are released.

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