Brian May


Label: Masterport 200
Country: Japan
Released: October 2003 (+/- a month or so)
Recorded: Rehearsals for the 'Back To The Light Tour' in 92/93.
Not sure date. Night bee in the autumn/winter 1992. I guess so.
Sound: Excellent 'audience' recording. (Microphones in front/middle of monitors). 
Comments: Rehearsals for 'Back To The Light Tour'. I've read this recordings comes from Cozy Powell's own tape collection. Sounds like it's audience recorded between the monitors. Not so bad at all.
Nice and interested for Brian May fans & collectors.
Roots: Original bootleg. From a low generation tape.
Time: 63:43/63:10

Front cover

 CD 1
 Intro: The Dark

 Back To The Light
 Love Token
 Hammer To Fall
 Let Me Out
 Driven By You
 '39 ~ Let Your Heart Rules Your Head
 Too Much Love Will Kill You
 Since You've Been Gone
 Guitar Solo
 Tie Your Mother Down

 CD 2

 Hammer To Fall
 Since You've Been Gone
 Driven By You
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Let Me Out
 Sound check
 Hammer To Fall
 Driven By You

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Back cover

MARCH 2019

I have received info of a re-release of this 2cd in March 2019, included a bonus cdr with title 'Tour Rehearsals 1992'. Both titles released before. The cdr might be overstock copies.
Same cover as original. I've been told re-releasing, but might be overstock ??

Production rehearsals of the Brian May Band for the Back To The Light tour. Recorded on portable cassette machine belonging to Cozy Powell.
The recorder was positioned close to Cozy's drum kit.
TRULY PERFECT SOUND(from Original Masters)

One year from the death of Freddie Mercury. Brian May of 1992, who began playing his own music as a solo with his cousin Kozy Powell. The best rehearsal album is a reprint.
Included in this work is a rehearsal for the first solo tour "BACK TO THE LIGHT TOUR". At the time, drummer who was committed to Brian's resurrection: What Cozy recorded. It is a so-called "Cozy Tape" collection. TDK SA90 cassette, which has been awakened from two tapes, and Disc 1 has been handwritten as "FINAL DAY" by Cozy, and direct recording of FUJI DR-Ix 60 cassette, which had nothing written on Disc 2 . Of course, the contents of the two are similar and different. Let's introduce each one individually.

【Disc 1: rehearsal final stage GENEPRO recording】
The first thing to appear is the "FINAL DAY" cassette, which is also the title of this work. It is thought that it is the record of the rehearsal last day to guess from this character. The sound is super real. It is not a line recording, but rather a microphone set up on the side of the drum, so it was recorded by Cozy himself to confirm his play, the drums were furiously direct. It is so thick that you can think of a guitar as a sound board, but it still doesn't match the intense drum sounds. What is surprising here is that there is no such thing as detonating or roaring at all (not at all!). It is a drum that bursts, but its peaks are not smashed at all, but rather it has gloss and brilliance. And crystal clear. It is natural that there is no sense of distance because I'm recording on the side of the instrument in the rehearsal room, but the air feel is clear. The vocals and bass picked up at some distance are also beautifully detailed, and a really energetic ensemble is clearly recorded. This is just a guess, but the microphone used for recording is probably not a Cozy personal item, but a studio installation microphone. I guess you did cassette recording at the mixing desk.
The rehearsal depicted in the sound is a live performance like a live performance. Most of the songs to be played are complete, without getting lost in the practice or arrangement of the phrase, the feats of Cozy & Neil Marley, who were said to be the strongest British rock group, burst, and Brian's vocal eyes are also eyes As if there was a spectator in front of the And it is played the solo album "BACK TO THE LIGHT" and the famous music group of QUEEN. "Too Much Love Will Kill You" was recorded on "MADE IN HEAVEN" and "Driven By You" was recorded on "GREATEST HITS III", so you might be familiar with QUEEN limited fans.
Most of them are repertoires heard in the official live work "LIVE AT THE BRIXTON ACADEMY", the exception being "Let Me Out". A song that was played only a few times in the main part of the tour, with EP "STAR FLEET PROJECT" number with Eddie Van Halen. You can listen to that live performance (with Cozy!). Also, the arrangement is different even with the same song as "LIVE AT THE BRIXTON ACADEMY". From the middle of the tour, "Love Token" was connected to "Headlong", and "Resurrection" became an arrangement in which "Bohemian Rhapsody" was inserted, but here each is played independently. "39" is not a cappella, it is a short instrument by Brian's acoustic guitar and Neil's bass.

[Disc 2: Mid-term rehearsal of transcendent sound]
The second cassette is "FUJI DR-Ix 60". There is nothing written in this index, so the details are unknown, but the contents were recorded before Disk 1. It seems that the stages of practice and music are over, but the performance is not as good as Disc 1. The mood is felt from other than the performance, and the conversation which consults the arrangement every time it plays one song is also exchanged.
The conversation of the heroes is also intriguing, but more than that is the sound. It is one or more disks, and that is the highest quality of the sound board. Moreover, the balance is good. Although the drums are still powerful as ever, this one has been suppressed a little and a band ensemble is in place. "Cozy tape" has been excavated rehearsals of various bands, but it is the best quality among them.
A play that has not been done is a shame ... I wonder if it is not. The player's own Nori appears just because he is not skilled, and it is flexible because there is a search. I do not want the heat and tension like stage performances, but it's really verbose and interesting to think of music as "communication" rather than "expression." Moreover, the Lord is the genius Brian May and Cozy Powell who are not anyone else. Another interesting thing is "Since You Been Gone Melody". Here Brian does not yet remember the song, and sings like a singery while playing the melody alone.

After Freddie died, Brian May was trying to take over the legacy of QUEEN as a solo. And allies Cozy Powell who supported the resurgence and brought out the attraction different from the QUEEN era by the powerful drumming. It is a superb rehearsal album where you can witness the scene where two people build up the wonderful "BACK TO THE LIGHT TOUR". It is time to play with the heroes who left a huge footprint on British rock. Please enjoy plenty with permanent preservation press 2CD by all means.

Disc 1 (63:45) "FINAL DAY"
Copied from the cassette tape (TDK SA90) with hand written "FINAL DAY" on cassette body and cassette sleeve.
1. Introduction
2. Back To The Light
3. Love Token
4. Hammer To Fall
5. Let Me Out
6. Driven By You
7. '39 / Let Your Heart Rules Your Head
8. Too Much Love Will Kill You
9. Since You Been Gone
10. Guitar Solo
11. Resurrection
12. Tie Your Mother Down
13. Conversation

Disc 2 (63:12)
Copied from the cassette tape (FUJI DR-1x C60) with pencil mark on cassette sleeve.
1. Introduction
2. Hammer To Fall
3. Coversation
4. Since You Been Gone Melody (played & sung only by Brian May)
5. Driven By You
6. Conversation
7. Tie Your Mother Down
8. Let Me Out
9. Soundcheck
10. Hammer To Fall
11. Conversation
12. Driven By You
13. Conversation
14. Resurrection
15. Conversation

Brian May-Guitar, Vocals Jamie Moses-Guitar Spike Edney-Keyboards
Neil Murray-Bass Cozy Powell-Drums

★ Brian May's finest rehearsal album "FINAL DAY" born from "Koji Tape". The bonus comes with a special rehearsal album "BACK TO THE LIGHT: TOUR REHEARSALS 1992", which has been created from the third cassette.

Studio rehearsals for Back To The Light World Tour 1992
TRULY PERFECT SOUND (from Original Masters)
Taken from the original master cassette tape belonged to Cozy Powell

The Main Press 2CD is a valuable rehearsal album where you can witness the scene where Brian May and Cozy Powell create the show. However, not only the two rehearsal recordings of "BACK TO THE LIGHT TOUR" but one more "cozy tape" has been discovered. Therefore, it is a bonus attached decision so that you can collect the 3 currently excavated at once.
It is the TDK SA90 cassette that is the main source of such a work, but unlike the one of the main press CD, it is not the index but the one that has just been scribbled directly with "B. M.". The first appearance of this cassette dates back to 2002 and is the earliest of the "Cozy Tapes" to be excavated. It was an impact work that spread the name of "Cozy Tape" because of its extraordinary quality and precious dazzling value.

This work is a rehearsal of "BACK TO THE LIGHT TOUR" as well as the Press 2CD, but of course the contents are completely different. If the Press 2 CD is a mid-term and final rehearsal, this film has recorded an earlier rehab over about 46 minutes. There were parts that were hard to hear, such as cut points and noise, etc. when first appeared in 2002, but this work is different. Once again digitize from the original cassette, and also correct the noise by mastering. It is a decision board finished in the sound that can be enjoyed by concentrating only on the mood in the rehearsal room and playing sound without discomfort.
The quality is still the best. Speaking of the superiority of the audio, although the main character Press 2CD goes up, the difference between the levels is very small considering the characteristics of the content. Raw drum sounds, extra thick guitar, rehearsal room closed room feeling ... they are vacuum packed with crystal clear air feeling.
Such a taste of this work is a sense of documentation only in the early days to say anything. There are songs that have already been made into something completely, but there is also a sense of frustration after playing. What's more fun is the conversation between songs. Because the volume is small compared to the performance sound, it is difficult to hear the detailed contents, but the voice is definitely Brian and Cozy. The heroes exchange words as well as trial play and heat performance. It is the fifth track that is particularly cool. The voice heard here is Roger Taylor (probably coming to play in the studio)! He and Cozy are having a pleasant chat. It is two people known as friends for a long time, but two new and old drummers meet when Brian restarts .... There is something emotionally felt only by its peaceful mood.
Also, the sound check after the famous song "Resurrection" is interesting. After hearing some of the sound of the trial play, Cozy plays an intro of the solo hit "Dance With The Devil". In Britain it is more famous than we think in Japan