THE Brian May BAND

 2 CD

Label: WV 312 B 1/2
Country: Japan
Released: Cover say's 1993, but unsure if this is correct.
Recorded: Kyoiku Bunka Hall, Kawasaki, Japan  November 11th. 1993
Sound: For the most very good & excellent audience recording
Comments: Some errors in the track list on cover. 'Let Me Out', and 'Dream Is Over'  is listed,  but do not appear. Some songs appear, but not listed. 'Sakura' seams to be a Japanese folk song/tune....(instrumental).
Not so easy to get this 2cd. A bit rare. Track listed under, is track which appear on the disk's.
From 'Back To The Light' Japan tour. 
Roots: Original bootleg. Audience recorded  tape.
Time: 50:54 / 57:14

Front cover

  Intro: The Dark  (not listed)
  Back To The Light
  Tie Your Mother Down
  Love Token
  Love Of My Life
  '39 (vocal intro) ~ 
  Let Your Heart Rules Your Head (not listed) 
  Too Much Love Will Kill You 
  Keyboard Solo (Spike Edney) (not listed) 
  Since You've Been Gone
  Now I'm Here
  Guitar Solo 'Sakura'
  Resurrection (inc. drum solo)
  (Band Introductions)
  Teo Torriatte
  We Will Rock You (slow & fast)
  Last Horizon  (not listed on cover)
  Hammer To Fall

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