The Brian May Band


Label: Cheap Thrills
Country: Japan
Released: 1999
Recorded: Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo  Japan   November. 10th. 1998
Sound: Excellent stereo audience recording

Pro CD-R bootleg. Complete show. 'Another World' Japanese tour. Nono Bettencourt (Extreme) appear as guest guitar on ‘Tie Your Mother Down’
No tracks info on cover. Alright Brian May bootleg. Nice sound quality.

Roots: Original Pro-CDR bootleg.
Time: 70:58 / 58:44

Front cover

 Only Make Believe
 C’mon Baby
 Since You’ve Been Gone
 China Belle
 Medley: White Man ~ Love Token
(guitar intro)
                Fat Bottomed Girls
                I Want It All
                Tear It Up
 The Show Must Go On

  Bass Solo (Neil Murray)
  Last Horizon
 Love Of My Life
 Driven By You
Band Introduction)
  Too Much Love Will Kill You

 ’39 (vocal intro only)
  On My Way Up
 Hammer To Fall 
 Hammer To Fall  (fast)
 Brighton Rock solo
  Drum Solo (Eric Singer)
 We Will Rock You
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Another World
All The Way From Memphis

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