The Brian May Band

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Label: Gypsy Eye 208
Country: Japan
Released: December 2001
Recorded: Imperator Club, Rio De Janeiro  Brazil  Nov. 9th. 1992
Sound: Very Good/excellent radio FM broadcast
Comments: One of the very first Brian's proper solo concerts. Brian & the band was 'support band' for Joe Cocker on his South American tour. But, on this evening, Brian did a solo concert. NO support work this day. 
Not complete concert. (Sadly incomplete broadcast). Actually a nice CD. Alright sound.
There is also a television documentary of this 'South American' tour, which has live footages from this concert. I can not confirm that the hole show was filmed, but it might have been done.
As far as I know, the television documentary, has only been broadcasted in south America. You can find DVDR bootlegs of this television broadcast, around on mail order lists.
Roots: Original bootleg cd. From a Brazilian radio FM broadcast.
Time: 52:59

Front cover

Intro: The Dark (tape)
Back To The Light 
Driven By You
Tie Your Mother Down 
Love Token 
Love Of My Life 
'39 (vocal intro) ~
Let Your Heart Rules Your Head 
Too Much Love Will Kill You 
Now I'm Here 
Hammer To Fall 
Let Me Out

                       Inside cover

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Back cover
(Back photo from '98 concert)