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Label: Lighting Bolt  LB 001
Country: Japan (that's the place I got it from), but it might come from Europe. I'm not really sure.
Released: December 2003 (Can't confirm this is correct, but around this time).
Recorded: Various DEMO recordings.  
Sound: Excellent, unless stated in comments..
Comments: This is a interested cd for every serious Queen fan & collector. For first time we have got these DEMO recording available on the marked.
Roots: Original cd. Previously unreleased recordings..

Front cover

A New Life Is Born  (pre-work on song, part used as opening on 'Breaktru')
Action This Day  (demo)
Back Chat  (demo)
Delilah  (demo, incomplete)
A Dog With A Bone  (recorded for the fan club convention in 1988, as a special gift. Never released)
Every One Of Us  (Freddie & Cliff Richard live Dominion Theatre, London April 14th. 1988)
Feel Like  (demo w/David Bowie, early version of 'Under Pressure)
Horns Of Doom  (demo 2nd take, Freddie solo?)
Fuck Off and Die Your Fag  (w/Peter Straker & Mike Moran at Freddie's house on February 29th. 1988)
Girl From Ipanema   (w/Peter Straker & Mike Moran at Freddie's house on February 29th. 1988)
Rock A Bye Dixie   (w/Peter Straker & Mike Moran at Freddie's house on February 29th. 1988)
I Guess We're Falling Out  (demo of un-released song)
State Of Shock  (demo, Freddie solo w/Michael Jackson, 1984)
Las Palabras De Amor  (demo)
Life Is Real  (demo)
My Baby Loves Me  (demo of 'My Baby Does Me')
Polar Bear  (demo, I've been told this is from 1970, with Barry Mitchell on bass. Queen's 1st. bass player) 
There Must Be More To Life Than This  (Freddie solo demo w/Michael Jackson, 1984)
Staying Power  (demo)
Stealin'  (demo, extended version)

  Comments II
Really interested and nice demo tracks from 'Hot Space' (1982), and 'The Miracle' (1989) sessions. 'Delilah' 
 song is probably from 'The Miracle' session, even it was released on 'Innuendo' album in 1991.
 There is some  songs, from other sessions to.

 Track 'Every One Of Us' are available in better quality on 'State Of Shock' bootleg cd
 The 3 tracks from Freddie's house on Feb. 29th. 1988 was recorded on a little pink cassette recorder, 
 which looked like an 'elephant'. These recordings use to be called
'The Pink Elephant session'
 Peter Freestone, Freddie's personal assistant told this to me at a UK fan club convention for some years ago. 
 He told stories about his life working with Freddie. 
 By the way, I can't confirm the date Feb. 29th. 1988, is the CORRECT date. I have just been told so, 
 by other collectors.

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