Label: Gypsy Eye Project
Country: Japan
Released: September 2009
Recorded: Live at The Palace, Los Angeles, CA. USA  April 6th. 1993
Sound: Excellent stereo radio FM broadcast.
Comments:  The first pro-cdr bootleg which contains more tracks than previously bootleg versions. The Dark, Back To The Light & Now I'm Here, has been missed on all the others. To me it looks like 2 more songs is missing, to make this show complete. Normally they played 'Love Token' & 'Headlong' after 'Tie Your Mother Down'. I guess they played this 2 songs on this gig to.
Anyway, this Gypsy Eye release is the most complete release of this show so far. The 2 mention track has never been on any broadcast, or promo release, so they will probably never seen daylight. Even I can't confirm, I'm quite sure they did perform them. It would have been very unusual to move from hard rocker song 'Tie Your Mother Down' to slow acoustic song 'Love Of My Life'.
On this 2 month US tour which cover 22 concerts, the band was supporting Guns N Roses for about 17 gigs.
This show was the last date of Brian's US tour, and was NOT a support act. 
This gig was recorded for promotional use, and broadcasted on 'Westwood One radio', and later as 'Coca Cola Planet Live'. Promo cd's are available from this broadcastings, and this release are compiled from these promo cd's. (There's a few track variance between these promos).
This was Brian May's first 'proper' tour with is own band. On June 15th. they played at Brixton Academy in London, which has been released officially on CD and VHS video.
Tracks 8 - 12, is played more like a medley, without breaks between the tracks.
Roots: From promotional (radio promo) cd's.

Front cover

01. Intro: The Dark  (tape)
02. Back To The Light
03. Driven By You
04. Tie Your Mother Down
05. Love Of My Life
06. '39  (vocal intro only)
07. Too Much Love Will Kill You
08. Now I'm Here
09. Guitar Extravagance
10. Resurrection  (inc. Cozy's drum solo)
11. Bohemian Rhapsody  (2nd. 'rock' part only)
12. Resurrection  (reprise)
13. Last Horizon
14. Hammer To Fall
15. We Will Rock You  (slow & fast)
 - - - - - Bonus Tracks - - - - - -
16. Brian Talks #1
17. Brian Talks #2


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