Label: BLUE.U-306
Country: Japan
Released: May 2009 (Last week)
Recorded: Palace Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA April 6, 1993.
Teddington Studios, Thames Television, Teddington, London, England, UK Spring, 1967.
Sound: Los Angeles: Excellent soundboard recording (low gen.) From a radio broadcast.
London 1967: Good ~ excellent soundboard recording (low gen.)
Comments:  Both recordings previously released on other bootlegs. Los Angeles available on "Out On His Own" 1cd & "We Will Rock The Palace" 1cd. This release is originally from a radio broadcast, and also out on a radio promo cd. I have also seen a CDR radio promo which included 2 more tracks: Back To The Light & Now I'm Here. Sadly this tracks isn't included on any of the bootlegs which is released so far.
The bonus tracks are probably taken directly from the CDR bootleg: 1984 Extraordinary Amalgam  which saw daylight in March 2006. This recordings are from Brian May's early band 1984. There is NO officially release from this band, so this recordings is quite interested. Brian was a member, not his band really.
This bootleg is actually a cheap production, so I recommend you to get the other bootleg titles mention over. Comes in a black plastic cd case.
Roots: As mention in comments. Probably from other bootlegs, but might been taken from lower generation tapes.

Front cover

Palace Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA April 6, 1993.
Radio FM broadcast. Radio promo cd's is also available with this concert.

Driven By You
Tie Your Mother Down
Love Of My Life
(intro only)
Too Much Love Will Kill You
Medley: Resurrection
             Drum Solo
             Bohemian Rhapsody 
(end section)
Last Horizon
Hammer To Fall
We Will Rock You 
(slow & fast version)


Bonus tracks (Brian May in 1984 band):
Teddington Studios, Thames Television, Teddington, London, England, UK, Spring, 1967
good/excellent soundboard recording (low gen.)

Hold On, I'm Comin'
Knock On Wood
How Can It Be
Step On Me 
(version 1)
Step On Me 
(version 2)
Purple Haze
Our Love Is Drifting
Sweet Wine

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