The Brian May Band

Label: Metal Sword MS CD 517/18  
Country: Japan  (USA is listed on cover, but as far as I know it's a Japanese one)      
Released: June 2006 
Recorded: Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg  Germany  October 3rd. 1998.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  Complete show from 'Another World' tour. Also available on a another Pro-cdr release  by Breakdown label called "Resurrection" (The bonus tracks are not inc. on this one).
Not sure yet if this is another source, or a copy from the 'Breakdown' release. Info later.
Roots: More info later.  
Time: 71:56 / 74:39 

Front cover

Intro: Dance With The Devil  (tape)  (2:04)
Only Make Believe  (4:10)
C'mon Babe  (1:17)
Space  (1:26)
Since You've Been Gone  (5:27)
The Business  (6:24)
Organ Solo  (Spike Edney)  (3:18)
China Belle  (7:02)
Fat Bottomed Girls  (4:06)
I Want It All  (2:42)
Headlong  (1:42)
Tear It Up  (2:03)
The Show Must Go On  (3:21)
Bass Solo  (Neil Murray)  (4:33)
Last Horizon  (4:47)
Love Of My Life  (7:21)
Driven By You  (5:04)
'39 (intro)  ~ Let Your Heart Rules Your Head  (4:57)
On My Way Up  (7:03)
Hammer To Fall  (slow ~ fast)  (8:18)
Guitar Solo  (Brian May)  (3:59)
Resurrection  (2:23)
Drum Solo  (Eric Singer)  (4:40)
Resurrection  (finale)  (1:18)
We Will Rock You  (3:21)
Tie Your Mother Down  (8:31)
Another World  (4:28)
All The Way From Memphis  (8:34)
No-One But You  (4:46)
Slow Down  (6:22)
 - - - - - - bonus track - - - - - - - 
Driven By You  (Ford advert version)  (1:33)
Driven By You  (live, unplugged version, VH1)  (5:01)
The Amazing Spider Man  (alternate mix)  (4.14)

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