Brian May


Label: Holly North HN-045
Country: JAPAN
Released: July 11th. 2009
Recorded: World Theater,  St. Paul, Minnesota,  USA  October 14th. 1993
QUEEN: Palace Theater, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA May 4, 1974
Sound: Very good audience recording (from master tape)
QUEEN fair audience recording (low generation)
Comments: New concert out for first time on the pro-bootleg marked. Tape has been stored in a collectors collections. Info on sale list, tells it's from master tape. Might be true. Since the quality isn't the best, I will say's only of interest for collectors and 'blood fans'. All in all, a cheap production. Comes in a black plastic case.

As a bonus, there is included a part of a Queen concert from Palace Theater, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA May 4, 1974 in fair audience recording (low gen.) This show has so far been un-released on other PRO-bootlegs. Note that I can't confirm 100% true date & place of the Queen show. Sleeve say's Waterbury so... Anyway Queen did a gig there on this date.
Roots: Brian May show comes from a 'new' tape source, which claimed to be from the master tape. The Queen show is also new on pro-bootleg, from low generation tape.

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Intro: The Dark  (tape)
Back To The Light
Driven By You
Tie Your Mother Down
Love Token
Love Of My Life
'39 ~ Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
Too Much Love Will Kill You
Keyboard Solo
Since You've Been Gone
Now I'm Here
Guitar Extravagance
Drums Solo 1812 Overture
Bohemian Rhapsody 
(end part 'the rocking part')


Let Me Out
We Will Rock You
God (The Dream Is Over) 
(John Lennon cover)
Hammer To Fall

- - - - - - - - Bonus tracks QUEEN - - - - - - - - 
Palace Theater, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA May 4, 1974

Intro: Procession  (tape)
Father To Son
Ogre Battle
Son And Daughter
Great King Rat

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