Label: Gypsy Eye Project
Country: Japan
Released: February 2011
Recorded: Live At Astoria Theatre, London December 7th 1990, and Live At Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany 
October 22nd 1991
Sound: Excellent soundboard recording.
Comments:  These two live show was professional recorded with permission by Roger Taylor, and both show was released on 'bootleg' cassette tapes, and sold true the officially Queen fan club to members. I will later made some scan of these tape cover, and put on this page. I do have both tapes in my collection. Original tapes.
London show previously released on silver 2cd by Gypsy Eye label, back for some years ago. The Germany show is previously un-released on pro-cd.
Roots: Both show comes from 'bootleg' tapes, released by the officially Queen  fan club. 

Front cover

 01 Introduction - Watermark
(Enya) (tape)
02 Top Of The World Ma
 03 Love Lies Bleeding
 04 Breakdown
 05 Penetration Guru
 06 Bad Attitude
 07 Liar
 08 Man On Fire
 09 Sister Blue
 10 Final Destination
 11 Foxy Lady
 12 I'm In Love With My Car
(with Brian May)
 13 Let Me Out
(with Brian May)
 14 Tie Your Mother Down
(with Brian May)

 01 Lucille (with Brian May)
Soundboard Live At Astoria Theatre, London
 December 7th 1990

 02 Bad Attitude
 03 Like A Millionaire
 04 Ain't Put Nothing Down
 05 New Dark Ages
 06 Baby It's All Right
 07 Dirty Mind
 08 Man On Fire
 09 The Power To Love
 10 The Also Rans
 11 Top Of The World Ma
Soundboard Live At Philipshalle, Dusseldorf,
 Germany October 22nd 1991

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Back cover