Label: WR-194
Country: Japan (Not 100% sure of this)
Released: November 2012
Recorded: BBC session 1973 & 1977. Live track probably Hammersmith Odeon Dec. 24th. 1975 (BBC live).
Sound: Excellent stereo soundboard recording.
Comments:  I guess just a copy of the previously released cd with same name. From The Beeb To Tokyo 1cd, (RS Records RS CD 17) released in around 1990.
Not the most interested bootleg. The live tracks are now officially released on cd, vinyl and DVD (London 75).
Same with the BBC tracks. So this CDR is only for the fanatics.
Roots: See over.

Front cover

 01. See What A Fool I've Been
 02. Keep Yourself Alive
 03. Liar
 04. Son and Daughter
 (BBC session 1973)

 05. Spread Your Wings
 06. It's Late
 07. My Melancholy Blues
 08. We Will Rock You  (fast version)
 (BBC session 1977)

 09. Father To Son  (Intro: 'Procession'  tape, might be included before 'Father To Son')
 10. Ogre Battle
 11. Son and Daughter
 (Rainbow Theatre, London  March 31st. 1974.  Pro-soundboard recording.) 

 12. Brighton Rock
 (Hammersmith Odeon, London  December 24th. 1975.  BBC 'In Concert')

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