Label: Eye Of The Storm EOS 109  Pink Crimson Ricordi
Country: Mexico (Have been told so)
Released: 2007
Recorded: BBC session 77 with audience overdoubs,+ Japan 1979, I guess from Bodokan Hall, Tokyo April 24th.
Sound: The BBC session is a well known radio broadcast, so I guess excellent quality. BBC recording.
There's two handfull of bootlegs which included this BBC 1977 session. With and with-out audience overdubs.
Comments:  Hard to find Mexican cdr bootleg. The BBC session was released officially in 2016 on a 2cd & 3lp aswell in a 6cd collectors box with interview and live concert track. A lot of bootlegs are avaiable with this BBC recordings.
The Japan 79 songs are probably from Japanese television. The gig at Bodokan Hall in Tokyo on April 24th was filmed proffesionally, and part of it was broadcasted later on Japanese television. DVD bootlegs are available, so I guess the sound has been copied from one of these DVD's.
Roots: BBC session are well known on other bootlegs. The Japanese gig are probably taken from Japanese television.
Well, from one of the dvd bootlegs which are available on the marked.

Front cover

We Will Rock You  (slow ~ fast version)
It's Late
My Melancholy Blues
Spread Your Wings
(Originaly BBC studio session 1977, but re-broadcasted with audience overdubes)

LetMe Entertain You
Killer Queen
Bicycle Race
I'm InLove With My Car
Teo Torriatte
Keep Yourself Alive
Don't Stop Me Now
Bohemian Rhapsody
WeWill Rock You
We Are The Champions
(Japan 1979. Unsure which gig, but probably Bodokan Hall, Tokyo April 24th, This gig was filmed, and part of the the show was broadcasted on Japanese television. Bootleg dvd's are available on the marked).

                                         Inside cover.

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