2 CD

Label: - no info -
Country: JAPAN
Released: 1996
Recorded: Various officially studio recordings
Sound: For the most excellent stereo
Comments:   b-sides, Smile, Larry Lurex. Nothing specially to be mention. Those single versions are near as cd/lp versions, no different to mention really.     
Roots: Officially singles, cd singles etc...
Time: 74:58 / 75:45

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Doing Alright  (Smile '69)
Blag  (Smile '69)
April Lady  (Smile '69)
Polar Bear  (Smile '69)
Earth  (Smile '69)
Step On Me  (Smile '69)
I Can Hear Music  (Larry Lurex '73)
Goin' Back  (Larry Lurex '73)
Mad The Swine  (b-side of Headlong
Keep Yourself Alive  (long lost re-take, bonus on US "Queen I" cd)   
See What A Fool I've Been  (b-side of Seven Seas Of Rhye)
Bohemian Rhapsody  (single version)
Tie Your Mother Down  (single version)
A Human Body  (b-side of Play The Game)
Soul Brother  (b-side of Under Pressure)
Radio Ga Ga  (instrumental)
I Go Crazy  (b-side of Radio Ga Ga)
I Want To Break Free  (single remix)
Thank God It's Christmas  (single only, but now on "Gr.Hits III" cd)
Blurred Vision  (b-side of One Vision)
A Kind Of Magic  (extended mix)
Don't Lose Your Head  (instrumental version, b-side of 12inch )  
Don't Lose Your Head  (single version)
Friends Will Be Friends  (extended mix)
Who Wants To Live Forever  (edit version)
Forever  (piano version, b-side)
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure  (single version)
I Want It All  (single version)
Hang On In There  (b-side of I Want It All)
Breakthru   (single version)
Stealin'  (b-side of Breakthru)
The Invisible Man  (single version)
Hijack My Heart  (b-side of The Invisible Man)
Scandal  (single version)
My Life Has Been Saved  (b-side of Scandal, diff. to "MIH" cd)
Chinese Torture
Lost Opportunity  (b-side on 12inch  I'm Going Slightly Mad)
Heaven For Everyone  (single version)

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