2 CD

Label: - no company info -
Country: JAPAN
Released: 1996
Recorded: Various recordings
Sound: Very good to excellent sound
Comments:  Collection of demos, BBC sessions, etc...  Actually well known recordings.
Roots: Different records, some might be from tapes
Time: 70:30 / 73:06

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Ogre Battle  (intro demo ?, might be from a sound check etc..) 
Ogre Battle  (sound check Oxford Nov. 20th. 1973)
Procession  (sound check Oxford Nov. 20th. 1973)
Father To Son  (sound check Oxford Nov. 20th. 1973)
Son And Daughter  (sound check Oxford Nov. 20th. 1973)
Shout Bamalama  (sound check Oxford Nov. 20th. 1973)
Misfire  (fake demo)
Killer Queen  (fake rough mix)
Tenement Funster  (BBC session 1974)
Now I'm Here  (BBC session 1974)
The Millionaire Waltz  (fake listed as demo, it's just 'home' made left~right mix)
You Take My Breath Away  (fake listed as demo. Just like track over)
Fat Bottomed Girls  (fake demo)
Under Pressure  (Brian plugged 'live' overdub at 'KEWB' US radio station)
Cool Cat  (demo w/David Bowie on backing vocal)
One Vision  (version from 'Magic Years' video)
A Kind Of Magic  ('Highlander' film version)
The Miracle  (demo, studio work version)
The Invisible Man  (demo, studio work version)
I Want It All  (demo, studio work version)
The Hitman  (demo, studio work version, Brian on vocal)
Scandal  (demo, studio work version, guitar version)
Too Much Love Will Kill You  (demo, 2 minuttes long)
Too Much Love Will Kill You  (Brian version, instrumental)
Stone Cold Crazy  ('trash' version from cd single)
Friends Will Be Friends  (video version)
Who Wants To Live Forever  (Brian's daughter on vocal, from 12Inch single)               
Keep Yourself Alive
The Night Comes Down
Great King Rat
(De Lane Lea studio demos from 1971)

See What A Fool I've Been
Keep Yourself Alive
Son And Daughter
(BBC session July 25th. 1973, Langham 1 studios, London)

Modern Times Rock'n Roll  (BBC session March 4th. 1974)                       
Flick Of The Wrist  (BBC session  Oct. 16th. 1974)

Spread Your Wings
It's Late
My Melancholy Blues
We Will Rock You (fast/slow)
(BBC session Oct. 28th. 1977)

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