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Label: Ugly Records COW 100
Country: Italy
Released: 1994
Recorded: Various concerts, and some studio recordings.
Sound: Various from very good to excellent
Comments:  Collections of 'rare' tracks. All tracks available on other bootlegs. I'm quite sure all tracks are taken from other bootlegs. A collection of cover versions 'live', BBC sessions & demo tracks, & some fake demos.
Roots: From other Queen bootlegs.
Time: 58:37

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Be Bop A Lula  (Seattle Arena, USA March 13th. 1977)
Lucille  (Earls Court, London  June 1977)
I'm A Man (listed as 'Manish Boy', but actually it's a fake.)  (Glasgow  May 30th. 1977)
Not Fade Away  (Wembley Arena, London  Sept. 4th. 1984)
Imagine  (Frankfurt, Germany  Dec. 14th. 1980)
Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting  (Not sure, live 1982)
Jailhouse Rock  (Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985)
(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care  (Mannheim 86) 
Hello Mary Lou  (Mannheim 86)
Tutti Frutti  (Mannheim 86)
Gimme Some Lovin'  (Mannheim 86)
Big Spender  (USA March 13th. 1977)
Immigrant Song  (Berlin, Germany  June 26th. 1986)
Tavaszi Szel  (Hungary July 27th. 1986)
Everybody Happy ?  (Studio message from Freddie to Fan Club convention 88, audience rec.)
I Can Hear Music  ('Larry Lurex' single '73, a-side feat. Freddie, Brian & Roger)
Goin' Back  ('Larry Lurex' single '73, b-side feat. Freddie)
The Night Comes Down  (fake demo 1973)
Great King Rat  (BBC session 1973, at the beeb)
My Fairy King  (BBC session 1973, at the beeb)
Misfire  (left/right channel 'home' mixed track listed as a demo,  it's fake info.)
Tenement Funster  (BBC session 1974, at the beeb)
Cool Cat  ('Hot Space' session '81, out-take version w/D.Bowie on backing vocal)
God Save The Queen...(Trad. arr. B. May)

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