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 Label: Fat Queen Production 39259MEXQUEEN  
 Country: Mexico (not 100% sure about this, have just been told so).
 Released: 2004
 Recorded: Various recording session. For the most studio demos.  
 Sound: For the most excellent.
 Comments:  Actually a nice bootleg with many demos etc. You can find most of these track on a few other bootlegs to, but here you have most of the interesting demo recordings collected on one cd.
Cover say's 900 copies made, which I've been told is correct. 
 Time: 67:31

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Feelings  ('77 session, un-released track)  1:37  
unknown  ('Wreckage' rehearsal '69)  1:25  
Polar Bear  (Queen version of unreleased track '70)  3:47
Silver Salmon  (early session, un-released track '70 ?)  2:38
White Queen  (BBC session '74)  4:46
Nevermore  (BBC session '74)  1:27
Don't Stop Me Now  ('Jazz' session, might be part of a demo)  0:31  
Feel Like  ('Under Pressure' session '81)  5:02
Staying Power  ('Hot Space' session demo '82)  4:12
Action This Day  ('Hot Space' session demo '82)  3:41
Back Chat  ('Hot Space' session demo '82)  4:35
Las Palabras De Amor  ('Hot Space' session demo '82, listed as "Words Of Love")  4:28 
Life Is Real  ('Hot Space' session demo '82)
State Of Shock  (demo '83 with Freddie & Michael Jackson)  4:45
There Must Be More To Life Than This  (demo '83 w/Freddie & Michael Jackson)  2:06)  
A Dog With A Bone  (special fan club convention track, '88.)  4:37
Invisible Man  (a special 'fan club convention' version '89)  
A New Life Is Born  ('The Miracle' session demo '89)  1:24
My Baby Loves Me  ('The Miracle' session demo '89)  2:37
I Guess We're Falling Out  ('The Miracle' session demo '89)  2:37

Medley: Jailhouse Rock
                Stupid Cupid
                Be Bop A Lula
                Jailhouse Rock  (reprise)
(live at 'Golders Green Hippodrome', London, UK  September 13th. '73, BBC recording)

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