2 CD 

Label: Wardour 073
Country: Japan
Released: November 2009
Recorded: Hans Martin Schleyer Hall, Stuttgart  Germany  September 27th. 1984.
Sound: I've been told excellent audience recording.
Comments:  Complete show released on pro-bootleg for first time. Same name as previously released bootleg from same show, but different cover. From European 'The Works' tour 1984. This 'Wardour' version included full show, included the acustic set of 'Is This The World We Created..?' & 'Love Of My Life' which wasn't included on the 'Monarch label' version released some years ago.
Actually a nice bootleg.
Spike Endey plays keyboard on this tour, and all the forthcoming shows up to Queen's last gig at Knebworh in 1986.
Spike Edney was also the MD for Queen+Paul Rodgers tours in 2005, 2006 & 2008, as well as keyboard player in the band.
Roots: Tape
Time:  51:32 / 60:18

Front cover

Disc 1
1. Intro: Machines  (tape)
2. Tear It Up 
3. Tie Your Mother Down 
4. Under Pressure 
5. Somebody To Love
6. Killer Queen 
7. Seven Seas Of Rhye 
8. Keep Yourself Alive 
9. Liar 
10. Impromptu
11. It's A Hard Life
12. Mustapha Intro
13. Dragon Attack 
14. Now I'm Here
15. Is This The World We Created?
16. Love Of My Life
Disc 2
1. Stone Cold Crazy ~ Great King Rat  
2. Keyboard Solo 
3. Guitar Solo ~ Brighton Rock
4. Another One Bites The Dust 
5. Hammer To Fall
6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
7. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting  (improvisation version)
8. Bohemian Rhapsody
9. Radio Ga Ga
10. I Want To Break Free
11. Jailhouse Rock
12. We Will Rock You
13. We Are The Champions
14. God Save The Queen...(trad)

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Back cover

Review by Collectors music reviews

Stuttgart is one of the best known Queen show from the Works tour due to the 3LP title Dynasty released on vinyl on Monarch records in 1985.  This is also one of the vinyls transfered to silver disc in 2000 along with other well known Queen vinyl's such as King’s Favorite and Crazy Tour.  Recently the master tape used for the vinyl release surfaced.  It was taped relatively close to the stage and is excellent sounding but there is mic handling noise during “It’s A Hard Life” and “Now I’m Here.” 

The short acoustic set was not taped and thus left off of the vinyl.  The taper edited an alternate tape source for these two songs, beginning 2:48 in “Is This The World We Created?”
Freddie is in great voice and a great mood in front of a vocal audience.  The band begin on all cylinders after the taped introduction.  Freddie has fun in particular with the beginning of “Somebody To Love,” taking his time and getting the audience to sing along before starting the first verse.

“It’s nice to be back on the road after two years.  And it’s great to see so many of you here tonight” Freddie says before and emotional version of “impromptu” leading into “It’s A Hard Life.”  Earlier in the tour the first half of “Staying Power” was played as a prelude to “Dragon Attack” but by this point the more accessible “Mustapha” is played.  “Dragon Attack” is very energetic and includes some of Freddie’s “Living On My Own” vocal manners.

As Brian May tunes up before ”Is This The World We Created?” he points out that “this is sort of a Spanish guitar…this is a little song which is by way of light relief.  It’s a song we wrote very late one night in a city in Germany and is especially for you.”  It’s strange that he refers to this poignant and serious song as “light relief.”
The new material in the latter half of the show are given close to definitive renditions.  “Hammer To Fall” has many Freddie ad-libs, and “ Radio Ga Ga” is given an enthusiastic reception.  The entire audience sings along to “I Want To Break Free” which is followed by a long, almost seven minute long “Jailhouse Rock.”

Wardour package
Dynasty in a double slimline jewel case with tour photos and a photograph of the original vinyl on the insert contains therein.  This is one of Queen’s classics performances and most famous tapes in circulations and having the show complete for the first time taken from the master cassette is an asset for Queen collectors and is worth having.