1 CD

Label: Play This Production PT 11  
Country: Europe (I guess)
Released: Spring 2005  (as fare as I know)
Recorded: Hallenstadium, Zurich  Switzerland April 16th. 1982    
Sound: From very good ~ excellent audience recording
Comments:  Digi pack cover. European 'Hot Space' tour. This seams to me to be a copy of the 2CD "Long Life To The Queen". Same tracks and running order, except of 'Staying Power' which has been dropped on this cd. Recording might be from April 17th. as well.  
Queen play 2 nights in Zurich on this tour. 16th. & 17th. April. And ofcourse, the running order of the tracks is' correct to the show.
Roots: "Long Life To The Queen" 3LP, also on 2CD.
Time: 79:24

Front cover

Tie Your Mother Down
Action This Day
Play The Game
Somebody To Love
Get Down Make Love
  (some 'Back Chat' tunes can be heard in the song)
Love Of My Life
Save Me
Fat Bottomed Girls 
(fade out before end)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Bohemian Rhapsody
Now I'm Here
Dragon Attack
Now I'm Here 
(reprise, not listed)
Another One Bites The Dust
Sheer Heart Attack
We Will Rock You
Under Pressure
We Are The Champions
God Save The Queen....

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Back cover

Good Evening Zurich is the latest release of Queen's first concert in Zurich on the Hot Space tour.  This tape first surfaced soon after the event on the well known Long Life To The Queen vinyl boot.  Several years ago an anonymous Japanese label pressed several titles in mini-cardboard sleeves (and sourced directly from vinyl too) of several well known releases from the seventies and eighties, this show included.  This is similarly sourced from vinyl and is similar to the other releases except that "Staying Power" is omitted to make this a single disc release. 

Each release has placed songs out of order.  "Staying Power" actually was placed between "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions".  It's a shame there has never been a definitive release because the sound quality is excellent and clear and the show itself is unique.  "Liar", which was rarely played, is included and "Bohemian Rhapsody" has a "Death On Two Legs" intro.  "Fat Bottomed Girls" is cut off in this recording, and the vocal crowd participation includes a nod to "Back Chat". 

This comes in a cardboard digipack with several pictures from the tour but is very fragile.  Perhaps someday a label will assemble the complete tape and release the definitive version of this hot concert.  It certainly deserves it as it is a fun show.  But the Play This people seemed to be in a big hurry to release this for some reason and didn't even include "Staying Power", one of my favorite songs which was dropped by the middle of the tour.  Good Evening Zurich should be avoided.