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Label: HMJ CD 71
Country: Europe
Released: 90ties.... (middle - end ??)
Recorded: Various studio tracks
Sound: Excellent
Comments: Collection of various tracks. All available on other records.
Roots: Other records, videos...etc..

Front cover

Friends Will Be Friends  (from video version)
A Kind Of Magic  ('Highlander' film version, a bit different to album version. From video)
Hammer To Fall  (12Inch version, extended mix)
Too Much Love Will Kill You  (demo version)
Hold On  (Freddie & Jo Dare, from the film 'Zabou' soundtrack)
You Take My Breath Away  (album version, fake info being demo)

Keep Yourself Alive
The Night Comes Down
Great King Rat
(Demos, De Lane Lea studio session ca. Sept. 1971)

Now I'm Here  (BBC session 1974)
I Wanna Testify  (Roger Taylor, A-side 1977 single)
Cool Cat  (officially un-released alternative take, with David Bowie on backing vocal)

She Was Once My Friend
I Need Time
(Left Handed Marriage, feat. Brian May 1967 session)

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