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Label: Royalty Records  Rorex 4006 
Country: Europe, probably Italy
Released: 2005
Recorded: Studio recording. 
Sound: For the most excellent.
Comments:  Various recordings, mostly maxi remix, b-sides,  + some demo work. 
All tracks available on other records. Most of this tracks are officially released.         
This CD is more than less a PIRATE cd. A 'cheap' production.
Roots: Various, most from officially records, rest from other bootlegs.
Time: 78:56

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 Stone Cold Crazy  ('Trash' version from cd single)
 Breaktru  (12" extended version '89)
 Staying Power  (12" extended US promo only version '82)
 A Kind Of Magic  ('Highlander' film version, a bit different version '86)
 I Want To Break Free  (12" extended version '84)
 Back Chat  (12" extended version '82)
 A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling  (b-side track only '86)
 Pain Is So Close To Pleasure  (12" extended version '86)
 Machines  (12" extended version)
 Man On The Prowl  (b-side 12" extended version)
 Stealin'  (b-side track only '89)
 We Will Rock You  (Rick Rubin mix, from 'Hollywood' cd single)
 We Will Rock You  (Rick Rubin's ruined inst. mix, from 'Hollywood' cd single)
 We Will Rock You  (Rick Rubin's big beat a Capella  mix, from 'Hollywood' cd single)
 We Will Rock You  (Rick Rubin's Zulu scratch a Capella mix, from 'Hollywood' cd single)
 We Are The Champions  (Rick Rubin remix, from 'Hollywood cd single)
 Too Much Love Will Kill You  (Queen demo version)
 Too Much Love Will Kill You  (piano version performed by Brian, from promo cd)

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