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Label: Royalty Records  Rorex 4007 
Country: Europe, probably Italy
Released: 2005
Recorded: Studio recording. 
Sound: For the most excellent.
Comments:  Various recordings, mostly maxi remix, b-sides, pre-Queen (Smile etc..) + some demo work. All tracks available on other records. Most of this tracks, are officially released.
I'll call this a PIRATE cd. A 'cheap' production.
Roots: Various, a lot from officially records, rest from other bootlegs.
Time: 77:55

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 One Vision  (extended 12" version)
 Blurred Vision  (b-side of the above)
 Keep Passing The Open Window  (extended 12" version from b-side 12" single listed under)
 Thank God It's Christmas  (7" & 12" single ONLY. In later years, also released on cd competition albums)
 I Go Crazy  (b-side track only)
 Man On The Prowl  (extended 12" version from b-side 12" single Thank God It's Christmas)
 Under Pressure  (Brian plugged 'live' on US KEWB radio station. Brian's appear in the studio)
 Soul Brother  (b-side track only)
 A Human Body  (b-side track only)
 See What A Fool I've Been  (b-side track only)
 Misfire  (fake listed as demo, it's just a home made right/left channel mix. -bullshit-)
 Mad The Swine  (early un-released track, now b-side remix only. Original version NOT released yet)
 I Can Hear Music  ('Larry Lurex' A-side single feat. Freddie, Brian & Roger)
 Goin' Back  (b-side of the above, but with Freddie only.)
 Earth  (pre-Queen band SMILE feat. Brian & Roger)
 Step On Me  (pre-Queen band SMILE feat. Brian & Roger)
 Blag  (pre-Queen band SMILE feat. Brian & Roger)
 April Lady  (pre-Queen band SMILE feat. Brian & Roger)
 Polar Bear  (pre-Queen band SMILE feat. Brian & Roger)
 I Want It All  (early demo, studio work)
 One Vision  (early studio work, from 'Magic Years' VHS video. Film team in studio)

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