The un-officially info page for collectors of original Queen bootleg records. What is a bootleg?
ALL cd records here are original
'silver' pressed cd's, or PRO-CDR releasing.
I work on pages of officially records, which is actually my main collecting, but this will take a time.
All cdr (separated page) are PRO-CDR releasing.  No home made records are listed. 

This page is for information ONLY. I do not sell these records.


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The Norwegian 'We Will Rock You" musical is now on stage in OSLO.
The theme did a live 'on stage' performance outdoor in the town. It was broadcasted on Norwegian NRK television.
You can watch it all here

Last released QUEEN bootlegs :

June releasing.
A little handful of pro-bootlegs with Queen has seen daylight this June month. All from Japanese labels, as far as I know. 
The most interested one is a new one from the great Tarantura label. Thistime a un-released conceret. Again from Mr. Peack's collection, and as allways on silver pressed cd's and fould-out carton cover.
Rare Cuts Vol. 2 has also seen daylights. Also this is on silver pressed cd. Not the most interested release, do to the facts that most of the tracks are collected from officially albums or simular releaseing.

- Get Your Knickers Off  2CD   Tarantura
- Rare Cuts Vol. 2  1CD  Various tracks from other albums/cd's. More like a pirate cd.
- Rock You In The Garden 2CDR  (Breakdown) Live MSG, New York December 1st. 1977.

May releasing.

Not so much Queen pro-bootlegs has been released in May. Only one title has seen daylight.

-FIRST YOKOHAMA NIGHT 1Single CDR Live At Bunka Taikukan, Yokohama, Japan 30th April 1975.

April releasing.

A new Japanese label FFMS, has released 3 titles on silver cd & dvd's.
- RARE CUTS VOL. 1  1CD. (FFMS 01) Various studio tracks. You'll find the info in my page. 
- COMPLETE LIVE AT THE RAINBOW  1CD & 1DVD. (FFMS 02). Rainbow March 31st. 74, London 73 & Rainbow Nov. 74 (DVD).
- INVITE YOU TO A CHRISTMAS NIGHT  1CD & 1DVD (FFMS 03). Hammersmith Dec. 24th. 1975.
- LAST STAND AT BODOKAN  2 single CDR. Live at Bodokan Hall, Tokyo May 9th. 1985. (-no label info-)
There is some more, but need time to make the info.

March releasing.

Japanese label 'Wardour' has just released 2 titles on 'silver' pressed cd's.
- AT PALACE 1CD, (Wardour-086) is  a one CD title with the Dan Lampinski tape from the Palace Theater in Providence on April 27th, 1974.
This is a very good recording from Queen’s first US tour when they supported Mott The Hoople.  It surfaced last month along with the Hoople’s set.
- BBC SESSIONS 1973-1977 1CD (Wardour-087) is a one disc title with sessions 2, 4, 5 & 6 from master sources (probably surfacing
 because of the new edition of Queen’s catalogue this year with bonus tracks).

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QUEEN + Paul Rodgers

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See QUEEN's homepage for all new info about new contract with VIRGIN records, about re-release cd' with bonus tracks.

Queen released world-wide a new Queen best of 'album' on CD & Vinyl..
You can pre-order all the formats true QUEEN'S own homepage. Note: There will be a handful of various versions available. So now you can get rid of some money.

- Regular 1cd
- Regular cd + cd with comments by Brian & Roger 2cd
- Book with 2cd as over.
- 3LP vinyl version
- t-shirt with downloads
Also a collector box in 500 copies ONLY, was offered for sale. But all those has goon for long time ago.

FUTURE work with Paul Rodgers
There's NO tour planned with QUEEN + Paul Rodgers in the future. Brian & Roger will promote the musical "We Will Rock You", which now is on tour around everywhere.
Actually, the collaboration with Paul Rodgers has ended. There is no dramatic in this. 
They just feel they have take this touring & release of a studio album. as far as they can. You can read more at Brian May's homepage.

This work with Paul Rodgers was actually something which just turned up, after their appearance at the 'Hall Of Fame' UK show in London in 2004.

On June 15th. they officially released  DVD/ 2CD of the Ukraine show filmed in Kharkov on September 12th. 2008. This was a free show live at the historic Freedom Square place.
Around 350.000 people was at this show, which was broadcasted live on Ukraine national television.

You can order this release, and other QUEEN officially albums etc. from

DVD (only)
This release is out in 3 various 'versions'.

DVD + 2CD 

  Thin box w/t-shirt DVD + 2cd

Other officially records with QUEEN + Paul Rodgers


 Return of the Champions 
 DVD, 2CD +3LP box 
 Live Sheffield 2005 

Super Live In Japan
DVD (only) Live 2005 

 Cosmos Rocks  
CD & 2LP 
 NEW studio album 2008 


LIVE 2008 DOWNLOADS are for sale in the officially Queen online web page.
Queen production will do the same as they did in 2005, and offering
professional recorded live tracks for download sale.
Empty cdr with artwork is also be available to buy. You can click on link over, for this great pro-soundboard quality 2008 tour live recordings

Queen production will re-release officially albums vinyl catalogue on VINYL

A GREAT album called "Queen Guitar Rhapsodies" by Carlos Bonell who is a world renowned classical guitarist and who is currently working with Paul McCartney on his guitar concerto
Carlos has recorded 17 Queen songs, mainly from the 70's era along with the Lara Symphony Orchestra and choir  from Venezuela although we are based in London.
The cd is available on the official Queen website and from
The album also carries an endorsement from Brian May for the track "Love of My Life" which he described as "absolutely exquisite".

"Carlos Bonell is a guitarist of superb poetic gifts…." - New York Times

 I hope this web page is a help to Queen collectors & fans. Note that 'home made' CDR is NOT included in this pages.
 ONLY original silver pressed cd's (+vinyl bootlegs) are included, together with a list of factory manufactured CD-R's in large edition,   
 with offset printed cover & label. 

THE LINK TO VINYL PAGE IS NOW OPEN, I have added some cover photos, more will follow + more info.
 I will ad. this info in time..

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