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Label: Gypsy Eye 257 
Country: Japan
Released: July 2005
Recorded: Uptown Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, March 7th. 1975       
Sound: Very good audience recording
Comments: Great bootleg cd.. Early complete USA concert. Recently discovered show. Nice production from the Japanese Gypsy Eye label.
This show, have so far not been available before on bootlegs. 
Roots: Original bootleg. Recording comes from a audience tape, as most of bootlegs do. At least concert recordings.
Time: 78: 19

Front cover

 Intro: Procession (taped)
 Now I'm Here
 Ogre Battle
 Father To Son
 White Queen
 Flick Of The Wrist
 Medley: In The Lap Of The Gods
              Killer Queen
              The March Of The Black Queen       
              Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 Son And Daughter
 Keep Yourself Alive
 Seven Seas Of Rhye
 Stone Cold Crazy
 In The Lap Of The Gods......revisited
 Big Spender
 Modern Times Rock 'n Roll
 Jailhouse Rock
 God Save The Queen.....


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Back cover

Inside back cover

Review by Collectors music reviews
In The Lap Of The Queen
was released almost simultaneously with the Wardour release Pop Spectacular.  Both of these titles are sourced from the internet where the tape was recently posted.  This is one of the most important Queen tapes to be discovered recently.  Until now only fragments from various shows have circulated from their first headlining tour of the U.S.  But this is the first complete tape to surface and it is very clear and enjoyable.  Gypsy Eye did a good job in the presentation and sounds noticeably better than Wardour's version.  It sounds more deep and dynamic.   


The person responsible for this tape is a die-hard Queen fan.  He brought along a friend of his to convert him to the magic of Queen and he adds commentary throughout the show.  Right at the end of "Procession" he says, "Father To Son, isn't it?" in anticipation of the Queen II running order.  Instead the band play "Now I'm Here" from the new album Sheer Heart Attack, recounting their journey supporting Mott The Hoople on their previous tour of the States.  "Thank you and good evening Milwaukee!  Are you ready for a little rock and roll Queen style?" are Freddie's first words before "Ogre Battle". 


"I would like to make a toast to Milwaukee.  This is a delicate little number called 'White Queen'" before the number described as "pure emotion" from a well known Queen commentator.  Brian May's ukulele in "Bring Back That Leroy Brown" receives a great reaction as does his solo in "Son & Daughter".  The encores begin with the “stripper” beat of “Big Spender” and also contain a great version of "Modern Times Rock And Roll".  The only negative to this concert is the lack of "Seven Seas Of Rhye" which was unfortunately not played in this show.  But overall this is an excellent show by the early Queen and is recommended.  (GS)