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Label: Milestone Records  CD MS 1001  (re-release)
Country: Italy
Released: Around 2000
Recorded: Various early recordings.
Sound: Very good & excellent studio recordings
Comments: A re-release of 'In Nuce' from same company (Milestone) with new cover.
There is a re-mix of 'Going Back' as bonus. Also available on vinyl picture disc.
Roots: This is a re-release of cd with same name. Only 'Going Back' re-mix as bonus.

Front cover

Going Back  (3:13) (b-side, feat. Freddie)
I Can Hear Music  (a-side, feat. Freddie, Brian & Roger)
(LARRY LUREX single, released before Queen's debut LP in 1973)

Mad The Swine  (b-side, version of early track, released years later)

April Lady
Polar Bear
Step On Me
(The band SMILE feat. Brian May, Roger Taylor and Tim Staffell.
This recordings was made around 1969-1970) 

Going Back  (5:25) (remix)

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