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Label: Milestone Records  CD MS 1001  (re-release)
Country: Italy
Released: Around 2000
Recorded: Various early recordings.
Sound: Very good & excellent studio recordings
Comments: A re-release of 'In Nuce' from same company (Milestone) with new cover.
There is a re-mix of 'Going Back' as bonus. Also available on vinyl picture disc.
Roots: This is a re-release of cd with same name. Only 'Going Back' re-mix as bonus.

Front cover

Going Back  (3:13) (b-side, feat. Freddie)
I Can Hear Music  (a-side, feat. Freddie, Brian & Roger)
(LARRY LUREX single, released before Queen's debut LP in 1973)

Mad The Swine  (b-side, remix version of early track)

April Lady
Polar Bear
Step On Me
(The band SMILE feat. Brian May, Roger Taylor and Tim Staffell.
This recordings was made around 1969-1970) 

Going Back  (5:25) (remix)

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