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Label: IMRAT  IMT 900.076
Country: Germany
Released: 1992
Recorded: Seattle Arena, Seattle  USA, March 13th. 1977.   (1 track from a 1982 concert)
Sound: Very good & excellent audience recording
Comments:  Nice tracks, one track are from a 1982 concert.  Well know recordings from other bootlegs. The medley isn't listed on the cover.
Roots: "P.N.W." 1LP & "Duck Soup" 1LP (Seattle tracks) & "Hot Space Tour '82" 3LP (1 track from 1982)
Time: 50:34

Front cover

White Queen
Tie Your Mother Down
Ogre Battle
Medley: Killer Queen
             The Millionaire Waltz
             You're My Best Friend
             Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Guitar Solo
White Man
Action This Day  (Kyuden Auditorium Fukuoka, Japan  October 19th. 1982)
You Take My Breath Away

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