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Label: Kobra Records  KRCR 15
Country: Italy
Released: 1997
Recorded: Various studio tracks.
Sound: Excellent stereo studio sound.
Comments: Collection of different mixing, extended, b-side etc.. 
Two version available. Just different cover & label, no company number on version 2.   
Version 2 is probably a 2005 re-release. Actually a pirate cd. Nothing to 'run' for.
Roots: Other officially or bootleg records.
Time: 74:03

Front cover

Thank God it's Christmas  (single track)
Under Pressure  (Brian May 'live  overdub' from US radio station) 
Misfire  (fake demo)
Mad The Swine  (b-side)
April Lady  ('Smile' pre-Queen)
I Want It All  (demo work)
One Vision  (studio work from 'Magic Years' video)
I Go Crazy  (b-side)
Man On The Prowl  (extended version)
One Vision  (extended version)
Breakthru  (extended version)
Radio Ga Ga  (re-cut 1992)
We Will Rock You  (rock mix 1992)
Stone Cold Crazy  (trash version)
Stealin'  (b-side)
A Kind Of Magic  ('Highlander' film version, vg quality)
I Want To Break Free  (extended version)
Too Much love Will Kill You  (demo with Freddie on vocal)

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Back cover

Version 2