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Country: Europe
Released: July 2009
Recorded: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  January 1985. I guess first show, 11th.
Sound: Excellent stereo officially released video sound. Pro-recorded show.
Comments:  Digi-pack cd release. For sale in some regular shops and mail order companies. Also released on DVD and vinyl 1LP. Same cover layout on all versions.
Recording is from the officially 1985 released VHS video 'Live In Rio', which later has been released on laser disc in Japan and US (I think). No officially DVD has so far been released anywhere of this concert. It's just the half of the concert which has been VHS released.
Queen did 2 show in Rio this January in 1985. Dates has been told was 11th. (some places say's 12th.) and 19th. 
Both concerts was a part of the ROCK IN RIO festival, which included many major artists.
Roots: Basic source is from a officially VHS video (1985 release). But it might been from one of the laser disc's releasing aswell. Who cares... 

Front cover


Intro: Machines  (tape, not listed on cover)
Tie Your Mother Down
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Keep Yourself Alive
It's A Hard Life
Now I'm Here
Is This The World We Created ?
Love Of My Life
Brighton Rock
Hammer To Fall
Bohemian Rhapsody
Radio Ga Ga
I Want To Break Free
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
God Save The Queen......

Vinyl version 1 LP (missing "Now I'm Here")
DVD version

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