The Cross

1 CD

Label: CR CD 102
Country: England  (I've been told so)
Released: Around middle of the 90ies. (I guess)
Recorded: Gosport, England  July 29th. 1993
Sound: Good audience recording
Comments:  A bit interested for fans, but sadly not so good sound, and not complete show. One of the last THE CROSS gigs. The band was actually spitted up, when this gig was done.
Conclusion: Only for collectors & hard fans.
Roots: From a tape.

Front cover

In Charge Of My Heart   
Love Lies Bleeding
Ain't Put Nothing Down   
(Band introduction)
A Kind Of Magic
Power To Love
Life Changes
All The Young Dudes
New Dark Ages
Sister Blue
Radio Ga Ga
We Will Rock You (slow)  
Top Of The World Ma
These Are The Days Of Our Lives
Final Destination

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