The Cross


Label: Gypsy Eye 221/222
Country: Japan
Released: April 2002
Recorded: Astoria Theatre , London  Dec. 20th. 1990. (Full set is on this bootleg)
Dortmund, Germany  April 23rd. 1988.
Sound: Excellent stereo soundboard recording. (Both dates).
Comments:   Nice cd. Queen fan club arrange this special Christmas concert, with 'The Cross' at Astoria in London.  Brian May appear on the four last tracks as a special guest.
This Astoria concert was professional recorded, and the fan club released a bootleg tape, which was sold in a limited time to members of the club.
The Dortmund concert, comes from a Germany radio broadcast. Sadly just a part of the concert was broadcasted. Probably broadcasted some days after the show was held.
All in all, a nice document of the live work from this band.
Roots: Astoria concert are taken from a 'bootleg' tape, released by the officially Queen fan club in 1991. Dortmund concert, comes from a local radio 'live' broadcast.

Front cover

Top Of The World Ma   
Love Lies Bleeding
Penetration Guru
Bad Attitude
Man Of Fire
Sister Blue
Final Destination
Foxy Lady
I'm In Love With My Car (w/ Brian)

Let Me Out (w/Brian) 
Tie Your Mother Down (w/Brian) 
Lucille (w/Brian)
(Astoria Theatre, London  Dec. 20th. 1990)

Love Lies Bleeding
Cowboys & Indians
Love On A Tightrope
Heaven For Everyone
Shove It
Let's Get Crazy
Stand Up For Love
(Dortmund, Germany  April 23rd. 1988)


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