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Label: CR CD 98
Country: England  (I've been told so)
Released: Middle of the 90ies.
Recorded: Marquee Club, London  Dec. 22nd. 1992
Sound: Excellent audience recording
Comments:  Great cd with Tim Staffell (ex. 'Smile') and Brian May, on some tracks. 'Smile' was the pre-Queen group with Brian, Roger and Tim Staffell as band members. So you can say the is a sort of a re-union 22 years after their break up. 
Sadly not complete concert, but all tracks Tim Staffell & Brian plays on, are included.
This was the 2nd. concert of 2 shows organised by Queen fan club, to members only. First day was on 21st, but Brian didn't appeared, do to traffic jam on the road. (This was what they told). Roger Daltry of "The Who" made appearance the first day.
Roots: From a audience tape recording of the concert.

Front cover

Top Of The World Ma  
Ain't Put Nothing Down  
New Dark Ages
Rock And Roll
Heaven For Everyone
Man On Fire
Earth (w/Tim & Brian, Tim on vocals)
If I Where A Carpenter (w/Tim & Brian, Tim on vocals)
Too Much Love Will Kill You (w/Brian on vocals)
Instrumental Extravaganza (not listed, w/Brian)
Tie Your Mother Down (w/Brian on vocals)  
Merry Xmas (war is over)
Radio Ga Ga
These Are The Days Of Our Lives

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