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Label: Lollywood Records  LR 61247-2
Country: Europe  (I guess)
Released: Middle of the 90ies, I guess.
Recorded: Velez Sarfield, Buenos Aires  Argentina  February 28th. 1981.
Sound: Very good mono soundboard television recording.
Comments:   Well known concert, out on another bootleg. Not complete show. This concert was broadcasted live on Argentina television. Previously released on vinyl disc's, for first time back in 1982. This cd comes from the vinyl source, as far as I know. 
Out in two different cover & disc versions, but it seams to be the same label on both. So I have listed both in ones. Not sure which one who was released first.
Roots: 'Falklands Are Rocking' 1LP & 'Falklands II - The Sequel' 1LP, vinyl boots.
Time: 78:00 (on both versions)

Front cover

 We Will Rock You
 Let Me entertain You
 Play The Game
 Rock It
 Love Of My Life
 Keep Yourself Alive
 Another One Bites The Dust
 Now I'm Here
 Dragon Attack
 Sheer Heart Attack
 Crazy little Thing Called Love      
 Need Your Loving Tonight
 Save Me
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Brighton rock
 The Hero  (not listed)


             2nd version

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Back cover