1 CD

Label: Outside 001  
Country: Japan
Released: 1996
Recorded: Rainbow Theatre, London England  March 31st. 1974. 
Sound: Excellent stereo soundboard professional    
Comments:  Cd version of the very first vinyl Queen bootleg 'Sheetkeeckers' which was released in February 1975. 
Earlier listed as a BBC radio concert, but that's wrong information. Originally recorded by Trident/EMI for a possible live LP. This was cancelled, and the recording ended out on the bootleg marked. A handful tracks is missing. Let hope for a complete officially release, in near future.
Roots: 'Sheetkeeckers' 1LP vinyl bootleg.
Time: 38:07

Front cover

Intro: Procession  (tape)
Father To Son
Ogre Battle
Son And Daughter
Keep Yourself Alive
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Modern Times Rock 'n Roll       

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