2 CD

Label: Royalty Music  002/003 
Country: Germany
Released: 1995
Recorded: Various live recordings, b-side singles, 12Inch extended versions, "Smile" recordings, Brian & Roger solo live tracks etc...
Sound: For the most excellent. Some live tracks are audience recordings.
Comments:  Various recordings, a bit of everything. For those who doesn't collecting so much of the other bootlegs. This cd is a collection of interested tracks for Queen fans. Extended versions, b-side, "Smile" etc.....
Roots: Officially singles/12Inches & albums ("Smile"), various bootleg vinyl LP's (might been from tapes as well)  
Time: 73:13 / 73:43

Front cover

 Hammer To Fall  (live Rio De Janeiro, Jan. 1985) 
 Spread Your Wings  (BBC studio session '77)
 I Wanna Testify  (Roger Taylor a-side solo single 1977) 
 Bohemian Rhapsody  (live Earls Court June '77)
 Killer Queen  (fake info about demo)
 The Invisible Man  (12Inch, extended version)
 Hijack My Heart  (b-side single)
 Doin' Alright  (Smile 69/70)
 Blag  (Smile 69/70)
 Back Chat  (12Inch, extended version)
 Staying Power  (12Inch, extended version)

 Flick Of The Wrist
 Medley: In The Lap Of The Gods
                 Killer Queen
                 The March Of The Black Queen
 (live USA 1975, probably from 'Royal American Tour 1975' 1LP) 
 Turn On The TV  (Roger Taylor b-side solo single 1977)
 Is This The World We Created?  ('Live Aid', London July 13th. '85)
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love  ('Live Aid', London July 13th. '85)    
 A Kind Of Magic  (live Zurich 1986) 
 Thank God It's Christmas  (single only 1985, a-side)  
 Man On The Prowl  (12Inch extended version, b-side)  
 Keep Passing The Open Windows  (extended, b-side)
 Merry Christmas - war is over  (The Cross live London Dec. '92)
 I Want To Break Free  (12Inch, extended version)
 Machines (or back to Humans)  (12Inch, extended version b-side)
 April Lady  (Smile 69/70)
 Polar Bear  (Smile 69/70)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (Bob Harris studio session 1973, BBC)
 Lost Opportunity  (12Inch b-side track)
 Let Me Entertain You  (live USA 1980)
 I'm In Love With My Car  (live USA 1980)
 You Take My Breath Away  (fake info about demo)
 Friends Will Be Friends  (12Inch extended version)
 Tie Your Mother Down  (Brian May live LA Ca. 1993, FM-radio)

 Comments II: SMILE is featuring Roger Taylor, Brian May & Tim Staffell. The band released a single in USA '70, and a mini LP in 1982,
 called "GETTIN' SMILE". It was only released in Japan. Counterfeits and pirate copies are around of this mini album, and the USA
 single. So be award.
 THE CROSS was Roger Taylor's own band. (1987-1991). Released 3 albums. Did a lot of gigs around Europe.
 The 2 fake demo tracks, are just album versions which someone has try to sound a bit different. Left & right channel fades etc.. (ridiculous)

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