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Label: Digital Queen Archives  Q004 A/B 
Country: Japan
Released: September 2004
Recorded: Studio recordings mostly from around 1988~1989. 'The Miracle' session.
Sound: For the most excellent stereo studio.
Comments:  Various tracks from "The Miracle" (1989) session. Various mix, demos etc.. Many interested tracks. Rare demos never out before. A 'must' for fans and collectors.
Roots: Some tracks from officially records. Remix, 12Inch mix etc. The other tracks (demos, instrumentals etc.. are un-released before), unsure of their history.
Time: 78:20 / 70:19

Front cover

 The Miracle  (UK mix)
 I Want It All  (US mix) 
 The Invisible Man  (12" remix) 
 Breaktru  (12" remix)
 Scandal  (12" remix)
 The Miracle  ('Hollywood' mix)
 I Want It All  (7" version)
 Hang On In There  (b-side)
 Breaktru  (7" version)
 Stealin'  (b-side)
 The Invisible Man  (7" version) 
 Hijack My Heart  (b-side)
 Scandal  (7" version)
 My Life Has Been Saved  (b-side)  
 I Want It All  (instrumental)
 The Invisible Man  (instrumental)
 Breaktru  (instrumental)
 Chinese Torture  (b-side)

 (All tracks taken from OFFICIALLY records)    

 A New Life Is Born  (demo) 
 My Baby Loves Me  (demo)
 I Want It All  (instrumental remix) 
 Hang On In There  (demo)
 I Guess We're Falling Out  (demo, un-released song) 
 Stealin'  (demo, long version 11:44)
 To Much Love Will kill You  (demo w/Freddie) 
 Piano piece  (demo work)
 Dog With A Bone  (un-released track)
 Hijack My Heart  (demo)
 New York New York  (from 'Highlander' movie)
 Tavaszi Szei  (studio rehearsal)
 The Miracle  (demo work)
 The Invisible Man  (demo work)
 I Want It All  (demo work)
 The Hitman  (demo work w/Brian on vocal)
 Scandal  (demo work)
 Hang On In There  (instrumental remix)
 Khashoggis Ship  (instrumental remix)
 Chinese Torture  (instrumental remix)
 I Want It All  (instrumental remix  4:43)
 Was It All Worth It  (instrumental  1:59)
 Party  (instrumental mix  1:38)
 Party  (instrumental mix no.2, 1:39)
 Was It All Worth It  (instrumental intro 0:38)
 Breaktru  (instrumental mix 2:06)
 The Miracle  (instrumental mix)

 Remix, out-takes and demos.

Review by Collectors music reviews
Digital Queen Archives continues their project to offer the most comprehensive and best sounding Queen bootlegs ever issued.  Much like their earlier releases, The Ultimate Miracle collects all of the hard to find B-sides and remixes, new outtakes and demos that have never circulated before on any bootleg.  The first disc is devoted to officially released material all on one disc including the great Roger composition “Hijack My Heart”, only issued on the B-side to “The Invisible Man” 7″, 12″ and CD single. 

It is the second disc that contains much of interest.  “A New Life Is Born” is the original piece that was later edited for the first part of “Breakthru” on The Miracle.  It is a nice ballad that goes on for some minutes, undergoing a key change into a minor key (a Freddie favorite).  “I Guess We’re Falling Out” is a catchy pop number with Freddie singing about being stabbed in the back.  This version of “Too Much Love Will Kill You” seems to be completely new.  It features Freddie singing at the piano and doesn’t feature Brian at all.

“Dog With A Bone” has been a coveted piece for many years for Queen collectors.  It was originally intended for The Miracle but later dropped.  It’s only public airing was at the 1988 Queen Fan Club Convention with messages of thanks from the band.  Several very poor tapes have circulated of that event, but here we have the original studio version in excellent quality.  Freddie, Roger and Brian all take turns singing with Roger yelling “Move over Rover, let Brian take over!”  (Obvious reference to Jimi Hendrix).  “New York New York” is unfortunately the well known minute and a half from the Highlander film and not the long hoped for longer edition.  Perhaps the denials of a full version are true?  “Tavaszi Szel” is a rehearsal for the Budapest, Hungary show on the Magic tour July 27th, 1986.  Finally of interest is the demo of “The Hitman” finally issued on 1991’s Innuendo LP.  This is the original demo with Brian on vocals found an a cassette called Hints of Innuendo.  The track fades out after about a minute. 

The balance of disc 2 contains instrumental remixes which differ slightly from the finshed product.  On the tracklist on the artwork the manufacturers mixed up “Party” with “Khashoggi’s Ship”.  There one version of the former and two versions of the latter.  In general this is a fascinating glimpse into one of Queen’s final albums.  It demonstrates how prolific these sessions were with material written that would appear also on Innuendo and even 1995’s Made In Heaven.  Another great job by this new label.  (GS)


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