2 CD

Label: Royalty Music RMCD 001 /  QLLCD43/44
Country: Germany
Released: 1992
Recorded: Various tracks, for the most live audience recordings. 
Sound: Various from good to excellent. Live tracks are audience recordings.  
Comments: Vinyl 2LP out on 2cd. Various recordings, Some rare tracks. "Immortal" tracks are not on 2lp. This 2cd is a collection of recordings (most live tracks), which for the most is taken from other bootlegs. Some tracks are from officially singles, or 12Inch. Fans who don't collecting other bootlegs, might find this 2cd a bit interested.
Roots: 'Absolutely Rare' 2LP vinyl. Except of 2 last 'Immortals' tracks (w/John Deacon) on disc 2, they are not on the vinyl version.
Time: 65:09 / 68:32

Front cover

 Imagine  (Frankfurt Dec. 14th. '80) 
 You're So Square  (Berlin June 26th. '86) 
 Hello Mary Lou  (Berlin June 26th. '86)
 Tutti Frutti  (Berlin June 26th. '86)
 The Millionaire Waltz  (fake demo, album vers.) 
 Rock In Rio Blues  (Instrumental, Rio Jan. '85)
 Take Me Home   (Osaka Japan  Oct. 29th. '82)
 Teo Torriatte  (Osaka Japan  Oct. 29th. '82) 
 Tenement Funster  (BBC studio session '74)
 Last Horizon  (Brian May British TV '91)
 Manish Boy  (Glasgow May 30th. '77)
 See What A Fool I've Been  (London Sept. 13th. '73) 
 Cool Cat  (out-take w/David Bowie '81)
 Jailhouse Rock  (Osaka May 15th. '85)
 Flick Of The Wrist  (BBC studio session '74)
 It's Late  (Zurich Feb. 4th. 78)
 Mustapha  (London Dec. 8th. '80)
 Death On Two Legs  (short instrumental, Dec. 8th. '80) 
 Earth  ("Smile" feat. Brian, Roger & Tim Staffell)
 Step On Me  ("Smile" feat. Brian, Roger & Tim Staffell)

('Take Me Home' is listed before 'Teo Torriatte', but it's more a improvisation, not a song itself).
 Instrumental Jam  (Berlin June 26th. '86) 
 Immigrant Song  (Berlin June 26th. '86)
 Fat Bottomed Girls  (fake, just LP version) 
 Doing Alright  (Osaka March 29th. '76)
 Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon  (Osaka March 29th. '76) 
 Back Chat  (Milton Keynes, June 5th. '82)
 I Can Hear Music  ("Larry Lurex" a-side single '73)
 Need Your Loving Tonight  (London Dec. 8th. '80)
 Modern Times Rock'n Roll (BBC studio session '74)
 Not Fade Away  (London Sept. 4th. '84)
 Life Is Real  (New Jersey Aug. 9th. '82)
 Rip It Up  ("The Cross" live in Germany)
 Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting  (Osaka May 15th. '85) 
 Everybody Happy  (Freddie, special song for Fan Club Convention.)
 Goin' Back  ("Larry Lurex" b-side single '73)
 Lucille  (London June 6th. '77)
 In My Defence  (Freddie Mercury 'Time' track)
 Ogre Battle  (Forgotten intro ! ???)
 Hangman  (Tokyo May 1st. '75)
 Hello....and Good Buy  (band thanks at the end of a concert...)
 No Turning Back  ("Immortals" maxi single, feat. John Deacon) 
 No Turning Back  ("Immortals" different mix)

In December 2020, I found this 2cd on ebay. I don't know more than the cover say's.
I will guess of a re-pressing or copy of the original. Same tracks.

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