2 CD

Label: FBCD 002
Country: Europe (I guess) 
Released: Around end of 90ies. 
Recorded: Various re-mixed tracks. 
Sound: Excellent stereo studio tracks.   
Comments: This is re-mixed tracks.  Most of them, are probably from DJ mixed disc's. I'll try to find out later. 
It sounds like there is DJ's music mixed into the tracks to. Not 'pure' Queen music product.
Roots: Same tracks, same running order as 'In Memories Of Freddie Mercury' (RM-CD 01), so I guess that's the roots. 
Time: 66:28

Front cover

 Seven seas Of Rhye  (6:34) (Freddie in the house mix)          
 Theme From Flash Gordon  (6:42) (One-Two mix)
 Bicycle Race  (5:01) (Tour D' hip-hop mix)
 Dragon Attack  (7:14) (Dragon's return mix)
 We Will Rock You  (4:47) (Rock mix '92)
 Radio Ga Ga  (9:54) (Re-cut '92)
 Love Killer  (5:18) (12Inch mix, re-edit)
 Queens Reprise '92  (20:54) (Mega mix)


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