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Label: -no info- 
Country: Italy
Released: 1994
Recorded: From various officially records. 'Smile' Japanese album, singles & maxi singles.
Sound: Excellent
Comments: Various recordings, all available on officially records. But, you might find out that they are not so easy to get. So, if it's not so important to have the 'original' record, this cd could be a good alternative.  
Actually a pirate CD. Re-released  with 'digital remastered' stamped on cover. I haven't this version, so I don't know details about it, but quite sure it's just a 'sort of' upgraded version. 
Roots: From various officially records, which are not available in ordinary record shops anymore.
Time: 76:22

Front cover

Doing Alright
April Lady
Polar Bear
Step On Me
(SMILE recorded in '69/'70.  From Japanese only album "Gettin' Smile")   

I Can Hear Music
Goin' Back
(LARRY LUREX single, released spring '73 before Queen's first LP)

Mad The Swine  (b-side on '91 single. Early unreleased track)
See What A Fool I've Been  (b-side single '74)
Misfire  (album track, made out to sound like a demo, fake demo)
A Human Body  (b-side single '80)
Soul Brother  (b-side single '81)
I Go Crazy   (b-side single '84)
Thank God It's Christmas  (single only '84)
Man On The Prowl  (extended b-side 12Inch version '84)
Keep Passing The Open Windows  (extended b-side 12Inch version '84)
One Vision  (extended 12Inch version '84)
Blurred Vision  (b-side only single '86)


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Back cover


Digital remastered
I don't know so much about
 this version.