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 Label: FBCD 001  
 Country: Italy
 Released: 1996
 Recorded: Various
 Sound: Various
 Comments:  Re-release of "Ultra Rare Tracks". Including some track by early Brian May band 'Crazy Chain'. Some tracks might be a bit interested for 'blood fans'. 
 Time: 72:29

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Too Much love Will Kill You  (' 88-'89 demo with Freddie on vocals)
Appointment  ('Crazy Chain' feat. Brian May on guitar. Early band with Brian, around 1967)    
She Ones Was My Friend  (same as above)
I Need Time  (same as above)
Ogre Battle  (soundcheck Oxford Theatre, Oxford Nov. 23rd. '73, audience recording)
Procession  (soundcheck Oxford Theatre, Oxford Nov. 23rd. '73, audience recording)
Bama Lama Bama Lou  (soundcheck '73, audience recording)
Hangman  (live Town Hall, Birmingham, UK  Nov. 27th. 1973)
Man From Manhattan  (Eddie Howell single feat. Freddie, Roger & Brian on backing vocal)
Now I'm Here  (BBC session 1974, fake listed as alternative version)
If You Can't Beat Them  (live New York, USA  Nov. 16th. 1978)
Attack Of The Hawkman  (live at Bodokan Hall, Tokyo Feb. 13th. 1981)
Save Me  (live Puebla  Mexico Oct. 17th. 1981)
Flash  (live Puebla  Mexico Oct. 17th. 1981)
Who Wants To Live Forever  (charity version '89, with Brian's daughter on vocal)
Hold On  (Freddie & Jo Dare, soundtrack from film 'Zabou')
Good Times (A Dog With A Bone)  (song to the fan club convention '88, audience rec.)
The Hitman  (early take with Brian on vocal, as a guide to Freddie)
Improvisation  (Brian live on Howard Stern US TV show 1993)
A Kind Of Magic  (Roger w/band live at tribute concert to Mick Ronson. FM live '94)

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