10 Inch

Label: Milestone Records MS 1001       
Country: Italy  
Released: 1995 
Recorded: Pre- Queen tracks. "Larry Lurex" 1973, & "Smile" 1969.       
Sound: Excellent studio recordings.  
Cover: Black & white cover.   
Comments:  Well known track out on a 10 Inch picture disc. The Queen track 'Mad The Swine', is a early track which first time end up on the b- side of 'Headlong' single from '91. The "Larry Lurex" track comes from a single. "Smile" tracks are taken from  the Japanese (only) mini LP from 1982. 
Re-released in 2000 on color picture disc, and 12 Inch format. At the same time, also released on black vinyl with color cover. This version is listed under this in the index. Also short info listed in end of this page.
Roots: Originally from officially released records.   
CD released: To much to mention, but there is a CD with same name & tracks.   

Front cover

 Goin' Back  (Larry Lurrex, b-side)
 Polar Bear  (Smile)
 Mad The Swine  (Queen, early track, b-side)
 April Lady  (Smile)
 I Can Hear Music  (Larry Lurex, a-side)
 Earth  (Smile)
 Step On Me  (Smile)
 Blag  (Smile)

You can (at least) find the following release of this album.
In Nuch 10 Inch picture disc. 1995  Milestone records  MS 1001 (This one, listed over)
In Nuch  CD version  1995  Milestone records CD/MS 1001
In Nuch CD version with book, t-shirt & postcard.  CD/MS 1001 1995  (nothing special really...)
In Nuch  LP (12 Inch)  'new' color picture disc. MS 1001  2000  Different picture disc.
In Nuch  LP  black vinyl version.  2000  LP/MS 1001 

             LP version

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Back cover