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Label: WR 891
Country: Japan
Released: I guess 2017
Recorded: The year of the tracks.
Sound: Excellent, as far I have understand.
Comments:  The Collector's edition, which extracts only the vocal part of Freddy Mercury and enjoys the Queen number in a cappella-ish style. There is a real sense of realism over the whole, and the music of the solo should resonate especially fresh. All 14 tracks, master quality, sound board instrument. I don't have this cdr or the recordings, so I have can't tell more around it.
Roots: I'm not so sure which way all this tracks or part, has been created.

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 01. Bohemian Rhapsody [Stripped down with Vocals]
 02. Someone To Love
 03. Love of My Life
 04. Play The Game
 05. We Will Rock You
 06. We Are The Champions
 07. Radio Ga Ga
 08. Fat Bottomed Girls
 09. Under Pressure [with David Bowie]
 10. Another One Bites The Dust
 11. I Want To Break Free
 12. Don't Stop Me Now
 13. Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow [Extended]
 14. Hold On [with Jo Dare] [Zabou film]

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