Label: WR 1084
Country: Japan  (as far as I know).
Released: August 2018
Recorded: Studio work.
Sound: Excellent professional recordings.
Comments:  Seams to be piano work for the tracks.
I don't have the recordings, so I don't know if this is the original released piano work (separated from multi track tapes) which has been used on the songs, or demo work etc. for the songs. I don't know if vocals are included. I don't think it's demo work. Probably some studio engineer who has collected this, and later trade or made it available in some ways. But, I'm not sure.
Maybe someone can tell me?
Roots: From studio tapes.

Front cover

 01. Somebody To Love (Piano Version)
 02. Don't Stop Me Now (Piano Version)
 03. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Piano Version)
 04. Killer Queen (Piano Version)
 05. We Are The Champions (Piano Version)
 06. Death On Two Legs (Piano Version)
 07. I Was Born To Love You (Piano Version)
 08. Your Kind Of Lover (Piano Version)
 09. Play The Game (Piano Version)
 10. Bicycle Race (Piano Version)
 11. The Golden Boy (Piano Version)

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