2 CD & 1DVD

Label: Masterworks MWOA007  CD1/2 DVD1
Country: Japan.
Released: June 2020.
Recorded: 'Jazz' studio session, remix, live etc... se info behind the tracks.
Sound: For the most excellent. I don't have the bootleg, but guess ok sound.
Comments:  One more release from Masterworks label. This time the 'Jazz' 1978 album.
This bootleg contains 2CD & a DVD with tracks from  Jazz album.
Some tracks looks interested & great.
I don't have the bootleg, so I can only refer to the info the cover say's.

I like the Jazz album, my first vinyl with Queen bought in autumn 1978 when it was released. Before that I hade played tape copies of early albums.
My live favorite live is the 'Trident Years' & the 'Live Killers' period.


Front cover
 CD 1
  1. Mustapha  (Extended Version)
  2. Fat Bottomed Girls  (Multitrack Remix)
  3. Jealousy  (Original Bass Drum-Off Version)
  4. Bicycle Race  (Multitrack Remix)
  5. If You Can't Beat Them  (Multitrack Remix)
  6. Let Me Entertain You  (Multitrack Remix)
  7. Dead On Time  (Multitrack Remix)
  8. In Only Seven Days  (Multitrack Remix)
  9. Dreamer's Ball  (Early Acoustic Version)
  10. Fun It  (Multitrack Remix)
  11. Leaving Home Ain't Easy  (Multitrack Remix)
  12. Don't Stop Me Now  (Multitrack Remix)
  13. More Of That Jazz  (Original Version)

  14. Fat Bottomed Girls  (Single Version)
  15. Bicycle Race  (High Definition Mix)
  16. Don't Stop Me Now  (With Long Lost Guitars)
  17. Let Me Entertain You  (Live In Montreal 1981)
  18. Fat Bottomed Girls  (Live In Paris 1979)
  19. Mustapha  (Live In Argentina 1981)
  20. Killer Queen ~
        Bicycle Race ~
        I'm In Love With My Car  (Live In Japan 1979)
  21. If You Can't Beat Them  (Live In Paris 1979)
  22. Dreamer's Ball  (Live In Paris 1979)
 CD 2
 1. Don't Stop Me Now (No Chorus Version)
  2. Don't Stop Me Now (Basic Version - No Guitar And Piano)
  3. Don't Stop Me Now (Naked Vocal Version)
  4. Bicycle Race (Drumless Version)
  5. Bicycle Race (Backing Tracks)
  6. Bicycle Race (Naked Vocal Version)
  7. Fat Bottomed Girls (Basic Version)
  8. Fat Bottomed Girls (Drumless Version)
  9. Fat Bottomed Girls (Naked Vocal Version)
  10. Fat Bottomed Girls (Instrumental Version)
  11. Jealousy (Instrumental Version)
  12. Bicycle Race (Instrumental Version 2011)
  13. Let Me Entertain You (Instrumental Version)
  14. Dead On Time (Instrumental Version)
  15. Don't Stop Me Now (Instrumental Version)
  16. More Of That Jazz (Instrumental Version)
  17. Fat Bottomed Girls (Brian Malouf Remix)
  18. Bicycle Race (Junior Vasquez Remix)
  19. Fat Bottomed Girls (Organized Konfusion Remix)
  20. Don't Stop Me Now (Extended Version)
  All Tracks Remix and Remastered Compilation 2020.

 Fat Bottomed Girls
 Bicycle Race
 If You Can't Beat Them
 Let Me Entertain You
  Dead On Time
 In Only Seven Days
 Dreamer's Ball
 Fun It
 Leaving Home Ain't Easy
 Don't Stop Me Now
 More Of That Jazz
 Multiple Selections Audio 1) Remaster Stereo 2) Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround 3) Instrumental Karaoke Tracks 4) Vocal Main Tracks.

 Bicycle Race  (Censored Version)
 Bicycle Race  (Cocaine Version)
 Bicycle Race  (Uncensored Version)
 Bicycle Race  (Making & Alternate)
 Bicycle Race  (Stage Performance Version)
 Fat Bottomed  Girls (Original Version)
 Fat Bottomed  Girls (Wide Version)
 Fat Bottomed  Girls (Merged Version)
 Fat Bottomed  Girls (Rocks Version)
 Don't Stop Me Now  (Original Version)
 Don't Stop Me Now  (Wide Version)
 Don't Stop Me Now  (16mm Film Restoration)
 Don't Stop Me Now  (Movie Version 2018)
 Dead On Time  (Old Grey Wistle Test TV)
 Let Me Entertain You  (Live In Japan 1979)
 If You Can't Beat Them  (Live In Paris 1979)
 Dreamer's Ball  (Live In Paris 1979)
 Medley: Killer Queen ~
              Bicycle Race ~
              I'm In Love With My Car  (Live In Japan 1979)
 Don't Stop Me Now  (Live In London 1979)
 NTSC 16:9 (4:3) Dolby Digital Stereo / 5.1 Surround time approx. 45min.x4 audio-selections + video 70min.

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