2 CD

Label: Wardour 430
Country: Japan.
Released: August 2020.
Recorded: Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA 30th January 1976.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  A new 2020 remaster version from Wardour label. I don't have this 2cd, so I don't know more than the info I found on the net.

A bonus dvdr is enclosed separate with a copy of the officially released DVD, which was released worldwide for some years ago.
BONUS DVDR: Queen / A Night At The Opera 30th Anniversary Japanese Edition / 1DVDR / Non Label Taken from the original Japanese DVD released in November 2005 Full 12 album tracks featuring the original videos, old and new concert footage and audio commentary by all four band members.
Be aware that 'sticker version' is normal 2cd versions, just with numbered stickers on the cover.
Roots: From Dan Lampinsky audience tape collection.
Time: 54:56 / 46:07

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. Intro: Bohemian Rhapsody  (Opera part on tape)
 2. Bohemian Rhapsody  (end part played live)
 3. Ogre Battle
 4. Sweet Lady
 5. White Queen
 6. Flick Of The Wrist
 7. Medley: Bohemian Rhapsody
 8.                 Killer Queen
 9.                 The March Of The Black Queen
 10.               Bohemian Rhapsody  (end part)
 11. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 12. Brighton Rock
 13. Guitar Solo
 14. Son And Daughter
 15. The Prophet's Song
 16. Stone Cold Crazy

 CD 2
 1. MC  (band member talks)
 2. Doing All Right
 3. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
 4. Keep Yourself Alive
 5. Seven Seas Of Rhye
 6. Liar
 7. In The Lap Of The Gods....Revisited
 8. Now I'm Here
 9. Medley: Big Spender
 10.               Jailhouse Rock
 11.               Stupid Cupid
 12.               Jailhouse Rock
 13. God Save The Queen 

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Bonus DVDR with sticker on cd cover.

 Sticker version with separate dvdr enclosed

Back cover

From Internet page.

Dan Lampinsky, a legend of the 70s taper named alongside Mike Millard. The "QUEEN bootleg masterpiece" left by the historic master has been brushed up and reprinted. Introduced in the permanent preservation press 2CD.

[Queen's masterpiece, a treasure that made Lampinsky famous]
The masterpiece was recorded in "January 30, 1976 Boston performance". It is a super-class audience recording that captures the act of "A NIGHT AT THE OPERA TOUR". Nothing can be called a monument like this recording. Sound is more intense than anything else. Although it is a master that was excavated about 10 years ago, when it was posted on the collector's site, it received the highest evaluation such as "EX+" "A++", and in the review "The best QUEEN recording in history" "The treasure of the 70's audience" And received rave reviews. Although the so-called sound board-like closeness is also strong, its dignified natural sound revives "1976" at a level of reality, and if you simply say "sound board", it is rude to the sound source. .. It is a special piece in the Lampinsky collection that produced a large number of masterpieces of each band / artist, and it is a super masterpiece that raises the name of that master to the mirror grade.

Only such a super name recording has been released many times and has been a big hit and sold out. Of course, each time we upgrade using the latest equipment and technology. This work is the latest 2020 version. The sound is the ultimate in vividness and naturalness. Previously existing groups (such as "A NIGHT AT BOSTON DEFINITIVE EDITION" and "DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1976 2ND NIGHT") were also honed with full mastering, so they are not "different things" (rather different things) It's a bad type), but its "extreme" feeling is great.

For example, the previous work pursued a sound board-like closeness and sharpness of the edge, but the mastering of this work has a natural sound. Rather than sharply attacking or sharpening the outline, the resolution of the fine part is emphasized, and then the range is set as wide as possible. When this is visualized in an easy-to-understand manner, the conventional board seems to be aimed at "almost official work", but this work is "reproduction on site". Assuming that the previous edition had a glaring, gorgeous and “push” straight-ball feel, this work would draw too much “detail” and “three-dimensionality” to the direct feel of the performance. If you are looking for a "sound board alternative", you may prefer the previous version, but it is this work that is soothed by the beauty of the customer record.

[The masterpiece because the live itself is a masterpiece]
And the show itself is more important than the sound. I think that those who know the existing group have already decided their mind, but let's review the basics for those who are new to it. Speaking of the "Opera Night" era, there is now the official edition "A NIGHT AT THE ODEON: HAMMERSMITH 1975", but this work is just after that. Let's look back at the schedule at that time.

《November 21 “Night at the Opera” released》
・November 14-December 24: UK (26 performances)
・January 27-March 12: USA (33 performances)
・March 22-April 4: Japan (9 performances)
・April 11-23: Australia (8 performances)

This is the whole picture of "A NIGHT AT THE OPERA TOUR". The official version was the last day of the "UK" tour, but this work is the third performance of the "US" leg, which is the beginning of 1976 when the year changed. In other words, it was after three performances of "HAMMERSMITH 1975". Even though it is the latest, the difference in conditions across the year-end and New Year holidays is clear. In the official "HAMMERSMITH 1975", Freddie and Brian suffered from influenza in addition to tiredness on the last day of the tour. Considering the circumstances, it seemed like a tremendous effort, but it wasn't at its best. On the other hand, the Boston performance of this work has just set the condition completely within the whole month and just got into the enemy America to conquer. The singing voice is strong and strong. It's a bit different from the tension that hits the sky, but it is a masterpiece that pushes out with a sense of fulfillment that deepens your mind and body. Speaking of the uplifting singing voice of "Seven Seas Of Rhye"... Moreover, the set is much longer than "HAMMERSMITH 1975". Let's organize while comparing here.

Queen I:  Son And Daughter/Doing All Right (★)/Keep Yourself Alive/Liar
Queen II: Ogre Battle/White Queen (As It Began)/The March Of The Black Queen/Seven Seas Of Rhye
Shear Heart Attack: Flick Of The Wrist (★)/Killer Queen/ Bring Back That Leroy Brown/ Brighton Rock/ Stone Cold Crazy(★)/In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited/ Now I'm Here
A Night at the Opera: Bohemian Rhapsody/Sweet Lady (★)/The Prophet's Song (★)/Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (★)
Others: Big Spender/Jailhouse Rock/Stupid Cupid / Be-Bop-A-Lula
*Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the official edition “A NIGHT AT THE ODEON: HAMMERSMITH 1975”.

…And this is how it looks. There are 6 repertoires that can't be heard on the official version, but the ultimate feature is "Lazing On A Sunday After noon". Although it is a rare song that has only recorded about Japan performance and Hyde Park, you can enjoy it with the sound of official name board. Moreover, unlike the Japanese performance, it is an initial version that is sung with the vocal line and chorus similar to the album.

It doesn't make any sense whether it's a sound board or an audience. A super-named recording called "QUEEN's masterpiece", the highest peak in a dimension that exceeds both official and informal. That is the horizon of this work. It's also a great introduction to an unofficial album, and the last one will be this one. No matter how sold it may be, it's a super masterpiece that is not allowed to disappear from the market. Please enjoy it with the permanent storage press 2CD.

(Remastered memo)
★Although the sound quality is originally high, the range has been expanded as much as possible to improve the separation of performances.